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6 Truths You Need to Know Before Going Blonde

Do blondes have more fun?
6 Truths You Need to Know Before Going Blonde
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Do blondes have more fun?

After seeing celebrities like Cristine Reyes and Angel Locsin go blonde, thoughts about getting the same extreme makeover may be playing in your mind. There's nothing wrong with that, but before you take the plunge, here are several truths about going blonde that you need to be aware of:

1. Your hair will be damaged.

The lighter you want go, the more times it needs to be bleached. Bleach strips off and alters your strands' chemical composition, and your scalp will feel itchy and painful during the treatment. If not done properly, you might end up with fried and brittle strands or scalp burns even. Yikes!

2. Your haircare routine will definitely change.

Dark hair that has been dyed blonde requires special hair products to prevent it from looking brassy and dull. You will need purple shampoo (to tone down the natural reddish undertones of Asian hair), color-care hair masks, and shine spray in order to ressurect its life every time.  


3. Upkeep is high-maintenance and can be very expensive! 

Root-retouching may go from every two weeks to a month. You will also need toner and hair dye in violet or green because color will definitely fade after some time. Specific products are needed to boost the radiance of blonde hair every month. You can go the DIY route if you're bold enough, but we suggest you entrust complicated things like this to a professional salon stylist. A salon trip may cost you P2000 to P10,000 per visit, depending on your hair's current condition and needs.

4. You might need to say goodbye to heat styling.

Your bleached strands have already received a beating, so curling irons and straighteners can fry them even more. It's important to lessen the frequency of heat styling, or at least use a heat protectant mist.

5. You need to change how you do your makeup—sometimes.

Since your hair will be in a lighter color, your face could potentially look washed out. You might need to pay more attention to your brows or wear bold lipstick to define your face. Or, it could be the opposite, depending on your skin tone.

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6. You need to wear it with confidence!

Before I went blonde, I heard comments like, "Are you mestiza enough to pull it off?" I did not let those affect me because it was my hair, my money, my problem. I still went to the salon to take the plunge, and I haven't had regrets since then. When you want something really bad, gather your confidence and just do it! It's just hair—it will grow out. The secret to pulling it off is to wear it with the right attitude.

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