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EstÉe Lauder's 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Estée Lauder calls all women to join arms to bring breast cancer to
light this October.
EstÉe Lauder's 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Estée Lauder calls all women to join arms to bring breast cancer to
light this October.

October marks the official Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, the Estée Lauder Group of Companies is once again spearheading a vigorous campaign to further put a spotlight on the cause. With this year’s mission calling people to “Connect. Communicate.Conquer.Prevent Breast Cancer One Woman At  A Time. The Pink Ribbon. Wear It. Share It.,” Senior Corporate Vice President for the group of companies, Evelyn Lauder is at the forefront of the global initiative.

A fierce supporter of the cause since the late 80s, Evelyn co-created the Pink Ribbon together with Self Magazine’s Alexandra Penny in 1992. When asked about how the pink ribbon came about, Evelyn shared, When a baby is born, boys are associated with the color light blue and girls with the color light pink. Because pink is the color that represents femininity, it was a natural choice to represent awareness of breast cancer, which affects women so predominantly. Eventually, I turned the color of our Pink Ribbon to hot pink to symbolize my drive to turn up the heat on breast cancer and raise awareness with ferocity. Making the color so brilliant stressed how important it is to find a cure.”


British Actress Elizabeth Hurley who is the face of the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and winner of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Humanitarian Award in 2009 also feels the need to up the ante this year. “We want people across the globe to connect and communicate with everyone they know about the importance of breast health and early detection in order to conquer this disease once and for all. We must unite together with the message that early detection saves lives,” Elizabeth goes on to say, “Now more than ever, we must make sure our message is heard far and wide. As I state in my Public Service Announcement, ‘Join us. You can make a difference in your life and in the lives of those important to you.’"

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Initiatives for October include the sale of 20 Pink Ribbon products within Estée Lauder brands (such as Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone, La Mer and Clinique among others), the illumination of over 200 famous landmarks around the world in hot pink lights and the endorsement of 40 public figures as Pink Ribbon ambassadors. These efforts are geared towards fulfilling the goal of reaching over two billion people in over 70 different countries.  By next month, the campaign will have distributed over 110 million Pink Ribbons worldwide since 1992.


More than continued research on better treatments for the disease, at the heart of the campaign is promoting prevention. As women, Evelyn calls us to take a more pro-active approach toward breast health. She urges,  “Don’t be afraid of breast cancer. Don’t be afraid to do breast self-examinations or to have a clinical breast exam as part of a regular doctor’s visit. Don’t be afraid to have regular mammograms if you’re over the age of 40. Don’t be afraid–or wait–to go to your doctor if you find a lump or suspect something.”

Although the special Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon products will not be available in Manila, we can all still do our part to support the campaign by spreading the word to friends and family of gaining awareness and educating ourselves about the cause.

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