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These Girls Love How This Environmentally Conscious Beauty Brand Addresses Their Hair and Skin Needs

Love Beauty and Planet helps make Filipinas live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
These Girls Love How This Environmentally Conscious Beauty Brand Addresses Their Hair and Skin Needs

When it comes to nature, there should be a give-and-take relationship. While it seems that everything around us is ripe for the taking, it’s important to remember that our resources are finite and take time to grow back. It’s then wise to support eco-conscious brands, like this beauty brand that’s accessible and Instagrammable.

Meet Love Beauty and Planet, a certified vegan and cruelty-free body and hair care brand that allows you to look good and do good for the planet. The brand’s ingredients are obtained sustainably and ethically, its products aren’t tested on animals, and it is putting up a system to recycle and reduce waste. At the same time, the products are very reasonably pricedyou only have to shell out P290 to P390 for every 400ml bottle.

In the Philippines, Love Beauty and Planet currently offers three fragrance collections: Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver, Murumuru Butter & Rose, and Argan Oil & Lavender. The Argan Oil & Lavender Body Wash and Body Lotion soothe the skin and relax the senses, while the shampoo and conditioner deeply nourish hair and tame frizz. The Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver line refreshes the scalp and deeply cleanses the body. Lastly, the Murumuru Butter & Rose collection nurtures and hydrates dry skin, and its hair products bring back vibrancy to color-treated hair.

At the press launch of Love Beauty and Planet on January 16, 2019, we spoke to several women to get their thoughts on the vegan beauty brand. Here’s what they had to say.

WINNIE WONG @penelopepopart

“I really believe in Love Beauty and Planet. I think that it is the right step toward sustainability, and that’s the most important thing. The world is not in the best state. There’s deforestation happening; pollution is at the highest levels; global warming is a real thing. I think it’s super important now to take action, even if it’s just something small. I think the most important thing is just to take it a step at a time. The first step is always the biggest step. Even the smallest thing, like using a metal straw over a plastic straw, you’re taking that initiative to lessen the waste that you produce. And eventually, once you pick up that habit, you can develop a new one.”

MELISSA GATCHALIAN @sartorialpanda

“I super love Love Beauty and Planet. It makes sustainable living easy. I appreciate that their products are cruelty-free and vegan as well.”

RACHEL ANG @rachellynnang

“I actually think Love Beauty and Planet is good, especially as it’s coming from Unilever, which is such a big brand. I hope that the big manufacturers go into this direction. I feel like the big companies are really the game changers, so if they go into a more sustainable type of production and manufacturing or brand identity, that will force people to go in that direction as well.”

PAULETTE TECSON @paulettetecson

“I really like how Love Beauty and Planet have a sustainable angle. I’ve tried their products and they smell super good. I like the Murumuru Butter & Rose body lotion and shampoo the best.”

KRIS JANSON @itskrisjanson

“I love the brand because of the purpose it has. It’s not only about loving yourself but also loving the environment. My favorites are the Argan Oil & Lavender shampoo and conditioner. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy, that’s why I wanted to try these products most. They tamed my frizz!”

KARLA HENRY @iamkarlahenry

“Love Beauty and Planet has good selling points, from making your skin soft to taming your hair. But for me, the biggest selling point is the fact that it’s sustainable. They’re offering bottles that are 100% recycled and hair products that lessen your shower time in order to save water. I think those extra things are what make this brand stand out. I recently used the Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver shampoo, and my hair, which is completely dead right now because of all the bleaching, became so smooth. The hairstylist was able to use a teasing comb on my hair, which is impossible to do if I try it at home!”

APPLES ABERIN @applesaberin

“Love Beauty and Planet was really born out of purpose. We felt that it was something that was called for, given the things that are happening to our environment. And what we really wanted to do was to talk to the person who wanted to make a difference while taking care of herself. That’s why we always say it’s not only good for you—it’s also good for the planet, and we do these through small acts of love. I love all collections, but the Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver was my first favorite.”

Shop the entire eco-friendly collection online via Lazada, Shopee, Beauty Bubble, and Watsons Online. Love, Beauty and Planet is also available at select supermarkets, department stores, and Watsons stores nationwide.

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