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Thoughts On Enrique Gil's Man Bun?

You might have to zoom in for this one.
Thoughts On Enrique Gil's Man Bun? You might have to zoom in for this one.

Image from Folded & Hung

We were minding our own business over the weekend, eating breakfast, reading the paper, when we spotted something that made us choke on our paksiw na bangus: Enrique Gil’s man bun.

In his summer campaign for Folded & Hung, the hunky 22-year-old took a page from Harry Styles’ book and debuted a little dinner roll of hair, which he teamed with a cute floral and palm print t-shirt.

At work the next week, our art director was underwhelmed by the size.


Fig. 1.

Man Bun Influencers: David Beckham and Harry Styles

“Parang ang liit,” he said.

Enrique stared back at us from the screen, unaffected, while the rest of us thought up names for it.

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Boy bun?

Baby bun?

Or to borrow from Cinnabon, a Mini-bun?


Fig. 2.

The comparative radii of various man buns. Left to right: Gil, Styles, Beckham, and Brad Pitt.


Harry Styles defines a man bun as the result of two steps: “Throw it up. Roll a lil thing around it. It’s just that simple,” he told a fan who dared to ask at a book signing, giving his own finger a little whirl.

As it is, Enrique’s hair is too short that the bangs had to be gelled back, and even then they barely reach the elastic. But then again, Styles never said anything about length, or um, size.

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