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Edward Lee Of Blo Blowdry Bar

Wanting a fabulous coif and express service? Edward Lee explains why Blo Bar has it covered.
Edward Lee Of Blo Blowdry Bar Wanting a fabulous coif and express service? Edward Lee explains why Blo Bar has it covered.

If you’re coveting that famous reality-star blowout, a 20-30 minute stay in the metro's latest blowout only salon fulfills your dreams. Blowdry-only salons have been on trend since 2010 in the U.S. and Blo Blowdry Bar has proudly pioneered it in local shores. Owners Edward Lee and Howard Chua decided to bring the express salon in Manila, foreseeing a big, receptive market.



The salon is a vision in hot pink and white, and the Audrey Hepburn photographs are a nice pop of vintage glamour against the pink accent walls. The catchy names of their signature blowouts like "Executive Sweet" and "Holly-would" turns that bad-hair day frown upside down, and each service can go for approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the length and thickness of your hair. "Hair cadets" (stylists) are armed with different diameters of curling irons, straighteners, and, of course, hairdryers, and a row of boar-bristled brushes and hair potions are also included in their hair arsenal. You won't see scissors or tubes of hair color anywhere—just wash, blow, and go.


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Mr. Lee enlightens us on the salon concept:

What made you decide to open a blowout-only salon in Manila?

I have other businesses here in the Philippines; each time I visit, I see that the economy is booming and the people here are looking for high standard styling services. The blowouts-only concept is popular abroad and I wanted to introduce it here in the Philippines.


Why Rockwell and Serendra?

We're looking for a high-traffic area and we wanted something commercial so we chose to open branches in Power Plant Mall and Serendra.


Are you looking into opening other branches?

Definitely. We're planning on expanding greatly this year.


Michelle Sadiasa, Blo Bride and head of marketing also dishes on Blo Bar's services:

What would make people choose your blowout-only salon over full-service salons?

Before it was always the full-service salon, then they took out the waxing and the nail services. We’ve seen nail salons pop out and people choose to go there instead of having their nails done at a regular salon. It’s the same concept: In a regular salon, you'll be in queue with persons who want hair treatments, haircuts, or color, which result in long waiting times. In Blo Bar, it's really fast. We target those people on the go.



What are the price points?

We made sure that our services were affordable. Our signature blowouts are P500it's actually a lot lower than rates in other countries.


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