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These Eco-Friendly Gift Sets Will Keep You Feeling Fresh All Day

Choose the best one to address your hair and skin concerns.
These Eco-Friendly Gift Sets Will Keep You Feeling Fresh All Day

People have become more environmentally conscious, making eco-friendly products a popular choice. But just because something is eco-conscious doesn’t mean it has to be boring and generic. You can still give your loved ones something that can benefit both them and the planet. Take, for example, bath essentials from Love Beauty & Planet. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they also smell amazing and come in variants that target different hair and skin concerns. If you still need gift ideas, here are sets to gift some of the women in your life:

For The Hair Color-Obsessed Friend: Love Beauty & Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Gift Set

Support your friend’s hair transformations by gifting her the Blooming Color Shampoo and Conditioner set. The inclusion of murumuru butter in these products will keep her dyed locks hydrated and shiny, and it also packs a refreshing punch with Bulgarian Rose essence and red berries for an enticingly juicy scent. Add to that the Majestic Glow Body Wash to help keep her skin soft, smooth, and deeply nourished, and she’ll be coming into 2020 with a completely different aura.

For The Hardworking Mom: Love Beauty & Planet’s Argan Oil & Lavender Gift Set

It’s not easy balancing a demanding career while looking after the family, which is why moms deserve the best pampering they can get. Give her something that could calm her senses at the start and end of each day like the Argan Oil & Lavender Gift Set, which includes the Smooth & Serene Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Soothe & Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Body Lotion. The fragrance of French lavender can help ease anxiety and stress, while argan oil helps seal moisture in both her skin and hair so she’ll feel fresh all day.

For The Freelancer: Love Beauty & Planet’s Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Gift Set

She’s the type you won’t find in one place for too long, as her day mostly requires bouncing from one location to another, covering one gig to the next. Being constantly exposed to the elements means she’s going to need a daily detox, which is what she can expect from Love Beauty & Planet’s Radical Refresher Shampoo and Conditioner and Daily Detox Body Wash. Australian tea tree oil and woody vetiver help revitalize lackluster locks, get rid of impurities, and give a volumizing lift to what was once dull and flat hair. Her skin would also benefit from the detoxifying body wash as it helps wash away the grime and dirt from a full day’s work—the best feeling in the world right before heading to bed.

Make this year’s holiday an eco-friendly one with Love Beauty & Planet’s gift sets. For more sets and hair products to consider, choose from a variety of options in the video below:

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