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PSA: This New Multipurpose Product Is All You Need for a Complete Makeup Look

All four shades look great on all skin tones!
PSA: This New Multipurpose Product Is All You Need for a Complete Makeup Look

If you’re always wearing a mask out, you might not see the point of buying a new lippie (even if it’s tempting!). But what if you found a product that you can use not just on your lips, but also on the rest of your face? The next time you add to cart, go for a multipurpose product like the new EB Advance Power Paint Multi-Use Color Cream from Ever Bilena! Priced at P199, this all-in-one makeup product lets you experiment with more makeup looks because it can be applied in so many ways. Below we give you four reasons why this new product deserves a top spot in your vanity: 

It’s lightweight and comfy to wear!

This color cream leaves a powdery matte finish that’s soft and easy on the skin. It feels so light, you can wear it all day—whether you’re running out to buy errands or expecting a video call from work.

You can use it on your lids, cheeks, and lips.

Basically, it’s worth every peso! This product can easily fill your makeup needs whether you intend to apply it as eyeshadow, blush, or use it as your go-to lippie! Did you know you can also use it as a color corrector? It helps conceal dark spots on your skin. Reds and pinks can cancel out brown spots, while orange and peach shades correct the bluish tinge of dark circles. Just dab it on dark areas and blend your foundation over the top of it for an even finish.

It comes in four shades.

And they blend well on different skin tones! Scarlet has a burnt red finish whose rich hue looks so sophisticated. For something softer, the nude-pink Chiffon or the brown-tinged Sangria will bring the glow of health to your complexion. For a bright pop of color on the lips that diffuses into a warm hue on the cheeks and eyes, opt for the orange-toned Amber. These shades are intensely pigmented yet effortlessly blend on to your skin, complementing your natural tone.

It smells like chocolate!

You’re in for a sweet treat! Not only does this product help you play with different makeup looks, it also gives off a chocolatey scent that can lift your mood and make you feel even more confident about your LOTD!

Shop EB Advance Power Paint Multi-Use Color Cream on Lazada. For more details, follow Ever Bilena on Facebook.

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