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6 Cool and Bold E-Girl Hair Colors to Try Right Now

Because having only one hair color is overrated.
6 Cool and Bold E-Girl Hair Colors to Try Right Now
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Because having only one hair color is overrated.

Thanks to tiktok, E-girls have become one of the larger subcultures online. As always, subcultures come with their own unique aesthetic. In the case of E-Girls, that means bright colors, internet trends, embracing youthful characteristics, and experimentation. The E-girl aesthetic is an amalgamation of anime, scene, goth, skate, and many more subcultures. It embodies edgy femininity and fearless expression—and yes, it includes having daring hair colors.

While E-girl hair uses 90’s styling trends such as space buns and pigtails, it is renewed and made modern with bright, pastel colors. The trick is to have as much fun with your hairstyle as possible instead of taking it too seriously.

Interested? If you’re considering it or are bold enough to try it, here’s some inspiration to get you started and help you achieve your dream E-Girl look.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde, chunky highlights are one of the most popular E-girl hairstyles as well as one of the more accessible. If you’re new to the trend, it’s a lot easier to commit to this.


Colorful Streaks

If you wanna go with something with a little more pop than blonde, try going for colorful streaks! Any color is on the table from electric blue to hot pink! You can try it in pastels, too.

Colored bangs

Not too keen in dyeing your entire length of hair? Go for colored fringe for an extra oomph in your daily 'dos instead.

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Two-Toned Hair

Even before the advent of E-Girls, two-toned hair had been quite popular for a while. The most obvious example being Melanie Martinez, who introduced many to this quirky style.

Nowadays you can turn to Billie Eilish with her iconic neon green hair.


Or see Tik Tok E-Girl sensations like Emma Langevin rock split blonde and black hair.

Remember when Issa Pressman wowed us with her half-bleached, half-black hair?



Underlayers are without a doubt my favorite E-Girl hair trend. They’re just so versatile! They can either look mature and mysterious (like when using silver or platinum blonde) or they can look fun, punk rock, and quirky! Take it from Tiktok star Charli D’amelio, who’s recently been doing this hairstyle in all different kinds of colours, fully embracing the fun of it.


Rainbow Hair

This is by far the boldest hairstyle on this list! It's bold, it’s loud, it’s instantly attention grabbing, but at the same time it's hypnotizing and definitely worth a try at least once in a lifetime.

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