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Dyson Just Introduced a Flyaway Smoother and It's the Game-Changer You Need in Your Beauty Routine

Here's why it's totally worth the splurge.
Dyson Just Introduced a Flyaway Smoother and It's the Game-Changer You Need in Your Beauty Routine
Here's why it's totally worth the splurge.

Dyson and me. It’s always been love at first sight.

I’ve used Dyson products for years. Light-saber-like vacuum cleaners. Cutting-edge air purifiers. Yes, yes, we have one in every room. I’m usually a thrifty shopper, but I knew I must, must have the Supersonic hairdryer, the Corrale straightener, and the Airwrap curler as soon as I tried them out. I never thought I’d need three separate hair tools, but I now use them all.

So when Dyson invited me to check out its newest attachment for its classic Supersonic, I figured I’d be immune to its charms. After all, I already have a seven-year-old Supersonic in the original iron and fuchsia. I was wrong. 

When I snapped on the flyaway smoother, held it close to the surface of my hair, and watched it lift the longer strands to the outside while pushing in the shorter little strands stray hair to hide them, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how quickly it gave my hair that smooth, polished look I usually get at salons. Unfortunately, the flyaway smoother is currently unavailable on its own, so you have to purchase a whole new Supersonic hairdryer. Perhaps the one in nickel and copper? Which means another splurge.

dyson supersonic flyaway smoother

Dyson Supersonic ™ Hair Dryer HD08 (Iron/Fuchsia) with Flyaway attachment, P26,900 P22,865, DYSON, Lazada

Why I love the Dyson Supersonic with Flyaway Smoother:

1. It dries hair quickly.

I must admit I’m quite lazy when it comes to beauty routines, but it takes about five minutes to dry newly washed hair, giving it a sleek, shiny look.


2. It never gets too hot.

It's kind to my hair, having been engineered to protect it from heat damage. No matter how close it gets to my roots and scalp, it never singes.

3. It’s gentle on my ears.

Noise rankles me, but the Dyson Supersonic is quieter and much less annoying than most.

4. It’s sleek and elegant.

Dyson products always have the simplest, sexiest designs. Magnetic attachments snap on and off effortlessly. Hair doesn’t get stuck in any fans, vents, or screens, because there aren’t any visible ones.

Trust me. It’s definitely worth the splurge.

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