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Meet Dua Lipa's Most Trusted Filipino Hairstylist

She made sure Dua's bob remained sleek and shiny for her concert.
Meet Dua Lipa's Most Trusted Filipino Hairstylist
She made sure Dua's bob remained sleek and shiny for her concert.

Dua Lipa recently blew us away at her sold out concert in Manila. But throughout her head-banging (literally!) concert, we couldn't help but notice how her short bob remained shiny, sleek, and in place!

This is all thanks to Cats Del Rosario, Dua's go-to hairstylist whenever the singer visits Manila. To tame Dua's bob, Cats reveals that they always do something that is sleek and clean. She applies mousse on Dua's locks first, then wrap dries her hair using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer on the cold setting. This will "remove the moisture and to maintain natural hair texture," Cats says. "As much as you want the hair to be sleek and have a wet finish, I prefer to use a shine spray instead of using a wet strong hold gel. Dua is always performing live. Every strand needs to be in place."

"I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with Dua," Cats tells Preview. "When Eme Abarracoso from Warner Music Philippines was booking me, he asked me if I was familiar with Dua Lipa and her music. I tried to downplay it but deep down... 'Yes, I love her music and I love her!'"

But Cats notes that depsite being a fan, she was ruled by her ethics as a professional hairstylist. "I’m there to work and not be a fan girl and make her feel uneasy. That’s why I never had my photo taken with her the first two times she’s been in Manila. I’m also shy with these things and I prefer to keep it on the down low."

Cats first worked with Dua when the pop singer visited the Philippines for the first time to promote her self-titled album. It was then that she also worked with Dua's makeup artist Francesca Brazzo. "Their whole team has been so welcoming and warm towards me, considering that I’m always the only outsider Pinay with them." 


The pair reunited shortly after that at last year’s In the Mix concert, where the singer also performed. This time around, Cats gave Dua a sleek top knot.

Cats is a hairstylist and makeup artist represented by Artists and Company Manila. She is also an internationally-accredited makeup artist of Shu Uemura.