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This Pimple-Popping Game Will Make You Forget About Your Own Zits

Pop this, not that.
This Pimple-Popping Game Will Make You Forget About Your Own Zits
Pop this, not that.

When you have a raging zit on your face that's just waiting to be popped, holding yourself back from doing so is like trying to ignore a relentless itch. Resisting the temptation is almost painful. That is, unless you find yourself a worthy distraction that'll make you forget about it (at least for a few minutes). In that case, how does a pimple popping board game sound?

Dr. Sandra Lee (a.k.a. THE Dr. Pimple Popper) is known for her TV series, and now she's also coming out with her own zit-themed game so we can live like her for a day. The board game—yes, a board game!will be called Pimple Pete, and the goal is to carefully pull gummy zits from Pete's face.


IMAGE Spin Master via Allure

But here's the fun part—if you don't successfully extract the fake pimples, a "mega zit" on the character's nose will shoot water to your face. Just imagine that water being pimple pus and you have yourself one strangely realistic game.

According to Refinery29, the game will be out this coming August. In the meantime, you popaholics can binge-watch Dr. Sandra's spine-tingling extraction videos on YouTube, watch her TLC series, or download a zit-popping app on your phone. Anything that'll stop you from picking at your own pimples, really.

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