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This Lightweight Conditioner Will Give You Instantly Bouncy and Shiny Hair

Your locks won't feel sticky or oily!
This Lightweight Conditioner Will Give You Instantly Bouncy and Shiny Hair
IMAGE Dove, Chynna Lim
Your locks won't feel sticky or oily!

Dove Weightless Repair 1-Minute Foam Conditioner has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Hair Conditioner of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview Girls' Choice Awards to see if these products truly deserved their title. Ahead, writer Chynna Lim gives us her thoughts on the product:

The Product: 
Dove Weightless Repair 1-Minute Foam Conditioner, P449,

What It Is

The Dove Weightless Repair 1-Minute Foam Conditioner is a lightweight hair foam that claims to nourish and repair hair after one minute. It is meant to be used after shampooing, and is to be left for a minute before rinsing. 

Current Condition

I happen to be going through a long hair phase right now. After years of maintaining a lob (which I found to be the optimum ‘do of my face shape), I simply got bored. Because of this, I’ve had to pay a little more attention to hair care. Longer locks require more maintenance, so anything moisturizing is instantly my best friend.   

My hair is generally healthy, except for the ends, which end up dry and even tangled at times. It gets a little more difficult when I have to use a hairdryer, which leaves me with even dryer ends and frizz all over. That said, I was curious to see what this product could do for my hair. 

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Chynna after using the Dove Weightless Repair 1-Minute Foam Conditioner.
PHOTO BY Chynna Lim

How I Used It

As far as texture goes, Dove Weightless Repair 1 Minute Foam Conditioner felt like a regular hair mousse, nothing different from the type you use after showering, albeit a little lighter in consistency. It had the typical powdery-clean scent of Dove products, something I’ve loved as a Dove-user since my tweens. It was quite easy to dispense, too–something that I expected to be a problem given my slippery shower hands.


What I initially noticed as I was about to apply the product was that the packaging lacked instruction regarding the amount of product you need. Given that I’ve never experienced a conditioner of this kind before, I had no idea how much (or little) of quantity to put. I just decided to place a good dollop and add along the way if the need arose.     

When I ran the product through my hair, I immediately felt how different it was from the regular conditioners I’m used to. It didn’t give that heavy feeling that makes your hair feel like it’s doused in oils. It almost just completely disappeared into my tresses. I actually felt like I didn’t have any product in my hair at all, so much so that I reapplied! I guess I was looking for that typical thick and heavy feeling that I’m used to with conditioners. This, on the other hand, felt like the complete opposite. I washed it off after one minute as instructed, got out of the shower, and waited eagerly to see how the conditioner would affect my hair once it dried. 



To be honest, going into this, I was quite the skeptic. My general impression with conditioners is that the thicker, heavier, and denser the consistency, the more moisturizing it is. However, the Dove Weightless Repair was a happy surprise. Somehow, the super light mousse consistency was able to moisturize my full head of hair, including the difficult dry ends. I even put the conditioner to the test more by drying my hair with a hairdryer, which tends to really dry my hair out. However, despite the heat styling, my hair stayed moisturized and it looked healthy.  

The product was also true to its claims of allowing hair to maintain its volume. As someone who uses conditioner on a daily basis, I understand how it can weigh down your locks, making it look flat and heavy. With the Dove Weightless Conditioner, my hair managed to maintain its volume, leaving me with that bit of “bounce”–you know, that type of bounce you see on shampoo commercials.


One qualm that I do have about the conditioner is the quantity of product in each can. As I mentioned earlier, I did have to use a good dollop of product. That said, I wish it also comes in a larger-sized bottle, so I wouldn't have to restock every so often. But overall, it’s a wonderful product that delivers its promises of smoothening and nourishing your hair. 

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