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Dove 7 Day Challenge

Dove dares four women to seven days of not looking in the mirror.
Dove 7 Day Challenge Dove dares four women to seven days of not looking in the mirror.

From the time we wake up to moments before we retire, the mirror plays a big role in our daily routine. From cleansing in the morning, to make up application in the car to midday shiny forehead checks to anti-aging night cream regimens, we are never too far from a piece of shiny reflecting glass that keeps our beauty in check. But both your best friend and worst enemy, the mirror has the power to boost your confidence at one moment and break it down the next.

Always a champion of natural beauty from within, Dove soap celebrated its 10th birthday in the country by challenging four women to break free from the chains of self-consciouness. Sales and Marketing Manager of, Erin Campos, Ultimate Frisbee player and QTV Producer, Mel Lozano, model and radio DJ Raya Mananquil, and mother and TV personality Lexi Schulze were all tapped to go seven days without even a glance at a mirror. All representing unique types of beauty, the four women gamely agreed and embarked on their weeklong endevour.


Although for most, this may have seemed like an impossible task, all four women survived and came through with—you guessed it—amazing skin. Instructed to wash their faces twice daily with Dove Beauty Bar and to log all their insights with a mini video cam, all girls emerged just that much more carefree and liberated of caring what they look like 24/7.

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When it comes to beauty, there always needs to be a balance between not caring and overdoing it. Being a slave to the mirror is never an attractive quality but not taking care of your skin will leave you unattractive, period. Sometimes its always good to take a break and go back to basics.

Do you think you could go without looking at yourself in a mirror for 7 days?

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