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8 Genius Alternative Uses for Your Beauty Products

We're calling it.
8 Genius Alternative Uses for Your Beauty Products
IMAGE Dove, Revlon, Burts Bees
We're calling it.

Even beauty junkies who keep an arsenal of tools and products have makeup and skin care emergency secrets. Here are the tried-and-ested hacks we've unlocked over the years:

1. Flat Iron as Curler

Instead of wrapping your hair around the flat iron, get a small section first and twist it to the ends. Once set, run the iron along the length of the twist as you would when you straighten the hair. Repeat until hair has been heated enough. Release and revel in soft, natural-looking curls.


IMAGE Beauty Bar

EVA NYC Ceramic Iron, P2950, Beauty Bar

2. Lip Balm as Cuticle Conditioner

For DIY manis, use lip balm in a pot to soften craggly cuticles. Apply generously around the nail bed and cuticles like you would on your lips!

Why it works: You're probably thinking, why not use lotion instead? Well, the formulation of a lip balm allows it to stay on top of the cuticles longer as compared to a moisturizer that will easily get absorbed by the skin. This will allow you to snip hangnails away easier and more effectively. Lip balms also provide instant moisture on cuticles and a healthy shine for days you want to wear naturally bare nails.

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IMAGE Burts Bees

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, P375, Beauty Bar

3. Nail Polish as Nail Polish Remover

No acetone, no prob. You can deal with that chipping mani with any regular nail polish, or better yet, a clear topcoat. Just apply a layer or two over your nail and use a cotton swab to rub the exisiting nail color off. Repeat if necessary.

Why it works: Nail polish removers contain solvents, which dissolve the hard film, resin, and plasticizer of dried-up nail lacquers. You nail polish contains solvents, too, which prevent the lacquer from hardening in the bottle. So when you apply a regular, non-quick-dry polish on your dry mani, it dissolves just the same.



Revlon Nail Lacquer, P570, SM Beauty Store; OPI Topcoat, P345, Rustan's

4. Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Your best alternative to shaving cream isn't foaming soap or body wash. Use your usual hair conditioner instead, and apply a thick layer liberally over your legs just before shaving. A tip: don't rub it in.

Why it works: Like a shaving cream, hair conditioner primes hair, lets the razor glide on the skin easily, and leaves a smooth and bump-free surface post-shave.


IMAGE LOccitane

L'Occitane Verbena Conditioner, P795, Power Plant

5. Eyeshadow as Nail Color

Any ol' glitter eyeshadow is good for experiments. After crushing the powder, mix it with clear nail polish and apply them onto your nails—instant nail glitter! The ombré nail is another trick: Apply your base coat and sprinkle the powder over the tips. Wait till the base coat dries and seal the color in with a clear coat. You can also use your favorite eyeshadow and match your nails with your eye makeup—just scrape off a small amount of powder from the compact.



MAC Eyeshadow, P1100, Power Plant

6. Petroleum Jelly as Mascara

You propbably know this trick if your high school didn't allow makeup. Smooth a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly over a fingertip and lightly dab over your curled lashes from the middle to the tips. Try to avoid applying too close to the roots to avoid clogging the follicle or pores.

Why it works: Petroleum jelly gives luster and hold to the eyelashes, thanks to the emollients that do wonders to human hair, your eyelashes included. Its texture also makes the eyelashes seem thicker and longer.


IMAGE Vaseline

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, P350, Watsons

7. Eye Cream as Lip Treatment

Even before brands like La Prairie and Sisley began marketing two-in-one lip and eye care products, we've been using our eye cream to soften our lips at night when beeswax balm isn't enough. We recommend doing this in the evening, when your puckers are steady in your sleep.

Why it works: The anti-aging benefits of eye creams work similarly for the lips in improving lines, lifting and moisturizing, and infusing antioxidants. Since the lips and eye area have the same thin, delicate skin, eye and lip treatments often contain similar gentle ingredients.



La Mer The Eye Balm Intense, P10,700, Rustan's

8. Deodorant as Skin Mattifier

Never again, we swore—unless of course we're at an all-day affair and we forget our anti-shine primer (again!). An unscented and anti-perspirant stick works for this trick. Lightly swipe over the T-zone before makeup for a lasting matte surface.

Why it works: Most deos use silica to absorb and prevent oil. Simply put, it does to your T-zone what it does to your armpits.



Dove Ultimate White Deodorant Unscented Deodorant Stick, P163, Watsons

*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine February 2016 issue.

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