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7 Ways That French Girls Drive Filipinas Mad

Can we handle French girl hygiene?
7 Ways That French Girls Drive Filipinas Mad Can we handle French girl hygiene?

On the topic of French women: one thing that’s quintessentially them is that effortless chicness that comes with the undone hair and au naturel face. But no matter how diligent you are with lathering SPF and moisturizer or how you try to forgo the blower and just opt to air dry your hair, you always end up looking as if you had just gotten up from bed—and no, that’s not in a “I woke up like this” Beyoncé kind of way. And so we say, “Screw that je ne sais quoi!

In her book, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, Chanel muse and music producer Caroline de Maigret talks about how one should un-style her hair like a true Parisienne would. As much as we’d like to be nonchalant when it comes to washing our hair, we’d probably lose our sanity at the thought of having to forgo the shampoo, wet or dry. Herewith, some very French things that would make your average Pinay's skin crawl.

1. French Women Never Dye Their Hair.

Most Filipinas can't go two weeks without retouching their roots. Maybe it has asomething to do with our fascination with going blond.


2. French Women Do Not Own a Hairbrush.

What happens to a Filipina who braves the streets of the business district on a windy day? She ends up with buhaghag hair. Not even a dozen hot oil treatments or Brazilian blowouts can guarantee your hair will look chicly mussed when it catches wind.

3. French Women Don't Wash Their Hair Every Day.

Seriously, with the heat and pollution in this country, why wouldn’t you want to shower twice, or thrice, even?! Shampoo is every Pinay’s best friend. Skipping the lather-rinse-repeat routine would just lock in the dirt in your scalp and tresses that commonly cause acne growth. Yuck!


4. French Women Never Retouch Their Makeup.

Just take a look at Carine Roitfeld’s signature racoon eyes. Do you really want to look like you just came from Mr. Grey’s chambers? It’s called the walk of shame for a reason.

5. French Women Don't Really Wash Their Face With Soap.

That Micellar water from Caudalie and Vichy might give them the feeling that a thousand little hands are scrubbing their face clean but we all know nothing beats a good washing, bubbly foam and all.


6. French Women Will Swap Showers for Perfume.

Walking into a cloud of Chanel No. 5 may temporarily fix the odor situation but it certainly can’t get rid of that sticky feeling you get after a long hard day. After all, nothing feels more presko than coming out of the shower.

7. French Women Never Complain About the Heat.

Uhm, have you been out in the streets of Makati on a blazing afternoon in April? The heat in Manila is just a completely different story. Sorry French girls. We love your style but there are just some things that don't fly in this clime. Although the thing about showering in your signature scent, that, we can so get behind.