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These Perfumed Stickers Will Keep You Smelling Good All Day

These Perfumed Stickers Will Keep You Smelling Good All Day
IMAGE Courtesy of Diptyque
There are bracelets and brooches, too!

Scents are incredibly personal, and not just because we interpret them differently, but since each one fuses with our body chemistry in such varied ways. It's why what smells like jasmine and patchouli to you could smell like...sweat (not the sexy kind, sorry) to the person next to you after a few hours. Diptyque might have found a way out of this though, with the launch of three perfumed stickers, brooches, and bracelets—literal wearable scents that won't completely transform into a nasal nightmare. Oh, and did we mention they make great accessories?

Case in point: The perfumed bracelet that comes with a gold-plated clasp and a braided thread that you can wrap around your wrist (or ankles, if you're feeling creative) and cut to your desired length. Call it odd, but it's actually quite strategic—the bracelet is on a pulse point, AKA where you usually spray perfume, and helps the scent become more prominent. The fact that it comes in black and white makes it the easiest to pair with outfits, too.

Perfumed bracelet
PHOTO Courtesy of Diptyque

DIPTYQUE Perfumed Bracelet (available in the scents Do Son, Eau Rose, and Tam Dao), P4250, Central Square BGC

The perfumed brooch, on the other hand, is more of a centerpiece than a subtle braided thread. It's reminiscent of the opulent pomanders used during the Renaissance, except it holds the fragrance inside a small pocket behind the golden bird's belly. To use it, just slip the pre-perfumed ceramic disc inside the brooch before pinning to your clothing to release the scent. When retiring for the day, place the disc back into its resealable package and have it last up to a month. It's the coolest, non-contact way to wear perfume that those whose skin are sensitive to fragrance might prefer. 


Perfumed brooch
PHOTO Courtesy of Diptyque

DIPTYQUE Perfumed Brooch (available in the scents Do Son, Eau Rose, and Fleur de Peau), P6550, Rustan's

Last but not the least, the perfumed stickers, which are made of fragrance-infused matte satin that you can place everywhere, from your wrist to the back of your neck. Its design varies according to its scent: Eau Rose is a rose, L'Ombre dans l'Eau is a swan, and Do Son is a tuberose. Each sticker should last you the entire day—enough time to trick someone into thinking you got a cool new tattoo.

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Perfumed stickers
PHOTO Courtesy of Diptyque

DIPTYQUE Perfumed Stickers (available in the scents Do Son, Eau Rose, and L'Ombre dans l'Eau), P3150, Central Square BGC

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