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Denise Laurel Says "Let's Celebrate Growth" After Gaining 30 Pounds

She says she's ready to "reinvent" herself.
Denise Laurel Says "Let's Celebrate Growth" After Gaining 30 Pounds She says she's ready to "reinvent" herself.

Denise Laurel is embracing the new body she has right now. She gloats, "Don't just Celebrate the Highs LETS CELEBRATE them thick thighs!!!! JOKE!!!"

She jokes some more in her Instagram caption dated November 3, 2020: "Let's celebrate GROWTh even if it is SIDEWAYS forwards of backwards it's growth!!! Haha jk on the sideways." [sic.] Her post shows how her body has changed in the last nine months.

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🔈Don’t just Celebrate the Highs LETS CELEBRATE them thick thighs!!!! JOKE!!! Let’s celebrate GROWTh even if it is SIDEWAYS forwards of backwards it’s growth!!! Haha jk on the sideways..THIS IS ME NOW 30lbs heavier 30lbs slower n sleepier 30lbs wiser 30lbs more compassionate n 30lbs more loving with more of me to love haha and for the first time no automatic abs plus double chin haha but it’s reinvention time! Ive always been real with u guys extremely candid and sincere! (I only post things i really use of support feel or believe in.. I have turned down many projects)I been in a 9 month cocoon now I’m ready to work! Pray for me! Time to sleep better, eat better, take my vitamins , workout and stay hydrated!! It’s gonna be tough since i have never let me self go before.. i am feeling insecure, i am battling pcos hormones, feeling awkward buying bigger clothes haha from a waistline of 23/24 to now being 28 is big leap so let’s seee what we can do with all of that! It’s all bout discovery for me whatever that may look or feel like! So wish me luck and throw up a prayer for ur Sistah cause for the first time in 23years i realize ma sarap pala to relax haha ! So help me I need it! I been feeling good internally n wanna get my outsides to match!! Day one wearing @pooshapparel_ and i got @hydr8tumblers in every color hahaha just in case I’m Tamad to wash the dishes haha jk i got one for every family member (daw jk) Love y’all! Hope u had a great day pray for me! #soundon #transformationtuesday #youcanmakeachoicetoday #iwontletPCOSkickmyBooty For those asking @hairbyfendidudi

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The celebrity mom declares that she isn't just 30-pounds heavier, slower, and sleepier, but that being more loving, compassionate, and wise have grown together with her weight. She adds that her once "automatic abs" are no longer, and jokes that a double chin has made its appearance.

She's been preparing to go back to work, which she feels is a good time for reinvention. This reinvention entails committing herself to a healthier lifestyle: "Time to sleep better, eat better, take my vitamins, workout and stay hydrated!! It's all about discovery for me whatever that may look or feel like!" She shares that for the first time in 2 decades, she's discovered how nice it feels to relax, adding that she wants her outward appearance to reflect how good she feels on the inside right now.


The actress and performer disclosed that she's battling insecurities brought about by having to buy bigger-sized clothes. This is compounded by possible mood swings or feeling emotional because of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), an imbalance of reproductive hormones that is common among women, which she admits to having. 

Mindset on health

Having had a cancer scare once, the mother of one elaborates in her Instagram post what can go wrong in one's body. She says:

"If you look at our bodies like a machine—gut health, hormone health, or pituitary functions—those are the most basic things you have to take care of in order for the whole system to go well. So, if your gut health is not good and if your hormones are not okay, your organs will not function properly. There comes in diabetes because you don't process sugar properly. There goes hormonal imbalances, cysts or PCOS like what I have. I don't process sugar well... What I'm saying is, it's all linked together. Diabetes, PCOS, hormonal imbalance. Weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, sleepiness, brain function, your skin, acne.It all starts with your body being addicted to the wrong things... It all goes hand-in-hand really."

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In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in November 2019, Denise explained how she has been taking good care of her health. She said then, "I'd like to focus more on what drives me or pushing myself like, 'Oh, how can I do better than what I did last time?' That's kind of like what I try to keep in mind all the time. Because if not, if I try to look at things with fearful eyes, things will fall apart so quickly and I won't be able to be the mom that I am...

"I'm mom and I'm also dad and I'm also an actress. I have many hats, but I wanna be a hundred percent in everything I do. So, I kind of really have to run a tight ship. But the thing that holds that ship together is my health. It could be ngarag for some people, but it's all about perspective. And for me, I choose to love it and see it as something fun and exciting and learn about what I can."



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