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Decoding The Alphabet Creams

A straightforward 101 on BB Creams and CC Creams
Decoding The Alphabet Creams A straightforward 101 on BB Creams and CC Creams

With all the alphabet creams popping in the beauty counters every now and then, you might get dazed and confused which one you should take to the cashier. Should you go for the classic BB or the more sophisticated CC cream? Read on to know the lowdown on BB and CC creams.

Both beauty wonders are dresser space savers because of their multi-tasking properties. Both act  as a skincare product, sunscreen, and tinted moisturizer in one. Women of the modern century hold on to these powerhouse tubes to save time. 

The double Bs in BB cream stand for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. A German dermatologist brewed up this beauty marvel for post-operation patients that supposedly can help heal and conceal the wound. Its commercial appeal started when a Korean actress went public looking gorgeous after undergoing surgery. When asked what her secret was, she responded with, "Just BB cream." BB Cream sales skyrocketed after this and let's just say—the rest is history.


What's in a tube? BB creams are like tinted moisturizers; they boost up the hydration levels while giving the skin a sheer coverage. What makes them more sophisticated than tinted moisturizers is that they have skincare add-ons: hyaluronic acid, whitening, and sunscreen. It's probably the only product you'll use after washing your face and before leaving the house. 

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CC creams, simply put, are color correctors. The pigments cancel out the redness, sallowness or any uneven discolorotion on the complexion. Some CC creams have a slight tint; although some act like a bare veil on skin. (Ed's note: Apply it under foundation for a flawless finish.)

Both alphabet creams are ideal for low-maintenance girls who want to simplify their beauty routine. In the sea of numerous alphabet creams in the market, we rounded up the hotshots to guide you in getting the right one for you. Click on our gallery to view them all.