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Date A Guy Who Follows A Skincare Routine

Xian Lim, Victor Consuji, Anton del Rosario, and more impress us with theirs!
Date A Guy Who Follows A Skincare Routine Xian Lim, Victor Consuji, Anton del Rosario, and more impress us with theirs!

Ten years ago, if you introduce the concept of  facial wash, serum, and moisturizer sitting on the bathroom sink for a man’s daily use, the guys would probably just shrug it off. They feel it's a threat to their manliness. But today is a totally different case.

Pollution, stress, and other environmental factors drive everyone, even our stalwart men, to dive right into having a grooming regimen to take care of their skin, and dare we say, their overall well-being. After all, we think a guy who knows how to take care of himself values his God-given gift and is a good sign he'll value yours, too (and support your 10-step beauty regimen!). Hence, the way he takes care of himself is a reflection of the way he will care for you.

The gentlemen-ambassadors of Pond’s MenPond's latest line for the male species no less, support this idea and encourage every guy in the Philippines to level up their bathroom routine—a bar of soap is just not enough. Read on as they share with us the unfamiliar realm of skincare routines with their masculinity still intact.


Rico Blanco, Rock Icon

With his hectic schedule, the rock star spills his reason for having a staple grooming product, “Taking care of one’s skin is taking care of one’s health, and Pond’s Men Facial Wash is a no-fuss yet invigorating product.”

Anton del Rosario, The Azkal Star Player

The athlete, apart from getting a boost from playing football, approves of the coffee bean extract found in Pond’s Men. “It’s something different, and I don’t hear about it all the time. It helps keep my energy levels up,” he shares.

Victor Consunji, Real Estate Mogul

Being constantly busy running a real estate empire, Victor allots ample time to focus on his health.“I like waking up early, going for a quick morning run, a shower, and a refreshing facial wash,” he reveals. He also expressed his penchant for Pond’s Men Energy Charge All-in-One Moisturizer, a toner and serum that brightens the skin and minimizes pores.

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Paul Soriano, Award Winning Director

“As a man, I’m very confident of having a regimen. I think a lot of men are secretly vain—they like to take care of their skin. It’s actually not being vain and wanting to look good, but it’s more of giving respect for yourself. We only have one body, so why not nurture it?“

Xian Lim, Talented Actor

“Being an actor, I’m not privileged to get more than eight hours of sleep because of the long working hours, so skin feels dry and looks haggard. People definitely noticed the new rush of energy since I started using Pond’s Men,” he recalls. 

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