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The Most Invisible Way to Cover Dark Circles and Acne, According to a Makeup Artist

You need way less product than you think.
The Most Invisible Way to Cover Dark Circles and Acne, According to a Makeup Artist
IMAGE Instagram/isamayaffrench, Youtube/Isamaya Ffrench
You need way less product than you think.

When you want to cover something up, piling on layers and layers of concealer isn't the answer. In fact, this is what makes that blemish appear even more obvious, a.k.a. the last thing you want to happen.

So how do you conceal without looking like you did? It's all in the application. A technique we recommend trying is one we learned from Burberry's global beauty director Isamaya Ffrench, because we swear—it will make your concealer pretty much undetectable.

The "no-makeup" look way to cover blemishes

"What people often get wrong is they'll take their concealer, they'll shove their finger on it, and they'll jam it over their blemishes," Isamaya explains in one of her YouTube videos. When in reality, a skin-like finish requires a lot less product and very gentle, precise strokes.

Here's how she suggests you do it: Using a small brush, she draws cross-hatch lines or tiny X's over the area with the blemish. She starts by doing several diagonal lines going in one direction first, before drawing another set of diagonal lines in the opposite direction. What this does is it covers the area with concealer a little bit at a time, and because of the change in angles, it covers the mark completely. To blend everything in, simply tap on the spot with your finger!

Take a closer look at the technique below!

For dark circles:

"I feel like your eyes and your eyebrows are there to create a balance. You need a bit of color under your eyes to complete the circle," explains the makeup artist. That's why when it comes to covering dark undereyes, Isamaya doesn't cover the eye area all the way—she only uses a very small amount of concealer in a very specific area.

According to her, she applies product right on the crease where the darkness meets the rest of the skin, making small diagonal strokes similar to her blemish-covering technique.

If you need more coverage, Isamaya suggests tapping concealer on that same area with your finger. When you blend it out, focus on smoothing out the crease and then gently bring the product down for a seamless look.

Take note that the makeup artist doesn't allow the concealer to reach too far. She stops it right before the outer lashline, since crossing to this area could take away the method's "natural" effect.


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