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7 Safe and Easy Ways to Reduce Inner Thigh Discoloration at Home

Ever tried wearing seamless panties?
7 Safe and Easy Ways to Reduce Inner Thigh Discoloration at Home
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Ever tried wearing seamless panties?

Here's the thing: It's pretty common for our bikini lines to be a shade darker than the rest of our bodies. After all, this sensitive area experiences friction on a daily basis, which makes it prone to getting irritated. Often, this leads to pigmentation. That said, we're here to tell you that having discolorations on your inner thighs is totally normal. But if it's something that bothers you, there are many things you can try to brighten your bikini line.

Keep in mind that your bikini area is delicate so it should be handled with care. Below, we listed down a couple of safe and gentle ways you can even out your skin down there (P.S. You don't have to try them all! Doing at least one or two of these solutions should be fine):

All The Safe Ways To Brighten Your Bikini Area At Home

1. First things first: Invest in seamless panties.

FYI, you have to wear the right panties if you want to brighten your bikini area. As we've previously said, friction is a major cause of discolorations. Wearing tight underwear can trigger not only itching but also darkening. Look for seamless undergarments or looser-fitting panties to minimize friction. Bonus: They will make you feel much more comfortable, too!

uniqlo seamless panty

Women AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts (Hiphugger), P390, UNIQLO, SM Megamall

seamless panty
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Two Pack Seamless Boyleg Panty, P569, MALIBU BABE, Zalora

Here's a simple but useful tip we learned from YouTuber and beach babe Angel Dei: Consider sleeping without underwear to let your skin breathe.

2. Reach for a baby powder.

One of the ways you can prevent thigh chafing or the constant rubbing of the inner thighs is to dust baby powder on these areas before getting dressed. This will also help reduce friction and protect your skin from becoming irritated.

3. Spot treat with a brightening soap.

This is the simplest thing you can do to even out your skin. You can start by looking for soaps that contain kojic acid. This popular brightening ingredient can be found in several affordable cleansers in the market.

kojie san skin lightening soap

Skin Lightening Soap With Hydromoist, P36, KOJIE SAN, Watsons

belo kojic acid tranexamic acid soap

 Intensive Whitening Bar Kojic Tranexamic Acid, P62, BELO ESSENTIALS, Watsons

4. Never dry shave.

Skipping the shaving cream or any kind of lubricant when removing hair down there is a no-no. Aside from irritating the skin, it will only cause unwanted bumps!

human nature shaving cream

Shaving Cream, P174.75, HUMAN NATURE, Robinson's Department Store

5. Gently exfoliate the area.

Getting rid of dead skin buildup can help fade discolorations and prevent annoying bumps from forming. You can use a gentle scrub or a toner (look for ones that contain fruit acids or chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid) to exfoliate your bikini area at least once a week. It's best to do this step at night.

cosrx aha bha clarifying toner

AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner, P680, COSRX, Lazada

fresh brightening jelly peel

Milk White Brightening Jelly Peel, P299, FRESH, Watsons

6. Upgrade your routine with a serum.

Thankfully, there are now gentle serums out there that are particularly made for the bikini area to combat discolorations. Apply one to your inner thighs and thighs right after showering!

two lips diamond serum

Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Brightening Serum, P6,750, TWO L(I)PS,

mink bikini serum

Peek-ini Bikini Serum, P299, MINK, Lazada

7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Having super soft skin can be your best defense against discolorations. Before heading to bed, massage a nourishing beauty oil to your inner thighs to give them a little TLC. Keeping your bikini area moisturized will also help reduce the friction between your skin and your undergarments. Additionally, some body oils contain natural ingredients like sunflower oil that help even out the skin tone.

human nature sunflower seed oil

Sunflower Beauty Oil, P299.75, HUMAN NATURE, humanheartnature.ccom

bio oil

Body Oil, P520, BIO-OIL, Watsons

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