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Marc Jacobs' New Daisy Perfume Is Like Summer in a Bottle

We're in love!
Marc Jacobs' New Daisy Perfume Is Like Summer in a Bottle
IMAGE Alasdair McLellan for Marc Jacobs
We're in love!

Since its release in 2007, Marc Jacobs has routinely reinvented their famous Daisy fragrance to keep its delicate spirit alive. Now, more than ten years later, the brand has no plans on breaking that streak.

This July, the signature floral fragrance is becoming its most radiant self with Daisy Love Marc Jacobs. The new scent, which is described as a radiant gourmand fragrance, contains notes of cloudberry and daisy petal blended with warm musks and driftwood. It's a bright mix that speaks of the bliss of summer, as seen in its campaign featuring Kaia Gerber.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, master perfumer Alberto Morillas delves more into the soul of his newest creation for Marc Jacobs. Learn more about Daisy Love below!


Hi Alberto! What was your main inspiration for Daisy Love?

"Daisy Love was inspired by memories of a unique moment on Malibu beach in southern California at the end of a sunny afternoon. A group of girlfriends are enjoying the freshness of the sea breeze, like a caress on their skin radiating with the glow of the sun. Nearly sunset, the golden atmosphere sparkles with the happiness of their carefree spirit."

What kind of personality does the Daisy Love Marc Jacobs woman have?

"As I crafted Daisy Love, I imagined a girl in love with life, and the way she naturally expresses her radiant happiness. She has a sparkle in her eyes, a joyful laugh, and the sun shining on her beautiful hair. She could be wearing Daisy Love at any time during the day and no matter where she goes."

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How did you choose the notes in Daisy Love? Why cloudberries and driftwood, for example?

"Cloudberries carry the juicy, happy, and colorful fruity touch to introduce the joyous atmosphere in Daisy Love. Sunny petals radiate love throughout its floral femininity. The driftwood and musks participate in the warm comfort of the fragrance, translating the figurative idea of the breezy beach being warmed by the sun."

How would you introduce Daisy Love Marc Jacobs to fans of the original Daisy fragrance? Are there any similarities between the two?

"Daisy Love still carries the core DNA of the Daisy fragrance: a petally core that gives a sense of natural and effortless feminine beauty. Here, the expression of beauty is different and transports you to an alternate universe.

"Daisy Love immerses you in the magical atmosphere of a Malibu beach at the end of a sunny afternoon where beautiful, youthful girls enjoy a happy moment filled with love. The original Daisy fragrance invites you to experiment by walking in a meadow of country flowers."


Alternatively, how different is Daisy Love to Daisy Signature?

"Daisy features the most delicate and refreshing flowers designed for a young, spontaneous girl enjoying the bliss of nature. Daisy Love brings you to a beautiful beach to enjoy the sea and the warmth of the sun—like a caress on the skin. To achieve this difference, Daisy Love uses notes that are totally new compared to Daisy Signature. Daisy Love introduces the bright and sunny floralcy of the daisy tree along with an irresistible sweet blend of crystallized cloudberries and cashmere musks."


IMAGE Alasdair McLellan for Marc Jacobs

As a perfumer, why do you think that signature Daisy has become such a classic for women?

"The most memorable olfactive signatures set the trends. Daisy is definitely one of them. Daisy remains faithful to its unforgettable origins—rooted in the Marc Jacobs fashion offering—which brings a new, vivacious celebration of life for young, happy women. The designer himself brings the strong imprint of his creative vision into his fragrances. So it is no surprise that Daisy became a classic—as did Marc Jacobs fashion!"

Finally, how does Daisy Love stand out to you from all the perfumes you have created?

"Daisy Love stands out as it recreates a unique moment of sheer happiness and love."


IMAGE Marc Jacobs

MARC JACOBS Daisy Love Eau de Toilette Spray, P5798/100ml, Department Stores

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