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You Have to Check Out These Crazy Makeup Challenges

You Have to Check Out These Crazy Makeup Challenges They're like makeup tutorials on steroids.

Need a breather from watching makeup tutorials all day? Look no further and watch these people do makeup on their full face using only the most unlikely beauty items—like liquid lipsticks, for example.

Indeed, liquid lipsticks do come in every color now, but can you use them as foundation, eyeshadow, and cream contour? Amy Macedo started this challenge for fun, but it officially blew up when some of the biggest beauty YouTubers, Jeffree Star and NikkieTutorials, did their own versions of it. TBH, we're quite surprised how some turned out. We don’t suggest you try these at home, though. Things can get pretty patchy.

Ah, highlighters! If you thought you could talk about makeup without these glow enhancers, then you thought wrong. Apparently you can do your entire face with highlighters and achieve the ultimate disco ball effect. But a quick warning from us before you watch any of these videos: We won’t be responsible for any purchases that will result from collection envy.

For extra comic relief, here’s Jenna Marbles doing the challenge and taking it to the extremes. She kills it, as per usual.

It doesn’t stop there. Beauty gurus have also raided Toys R Us and filmed tutorials using only kids’ makeup. Yes, they made it happen!

And if you’re looking to conquer your fear of cakey makeup, consider these videos as therapy. Nicole Skyes tries to figure out how many coats you can get from one Kylie Lip Kit, while Jeely puts on a hundred—yes, a hundred!—layers of foundation.


Crazy, right?

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