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We're Calling It: Copper Hair Will Be Everywhere This Summer

It's redhead season.
We're Calling It: Copper Hair Will Be Everywhere This Summer
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/dojacat, Instagram/nikki_makeup, Instagram/sydney_sweeney
It's redhead season.

The brewing hair color trend for this summer was definitely not a shy one. It was very much in-our-face, popping up on famous scalps in Hollywood with a fascinating synchronization. It was no surprise, though. With the world opening up for the new normal, a low-key dye job is simply out of the question. Enter, the rise of fiery copper hair.

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Pulling off copper hair boils down to the shade you choose. Don't forget to consider factors like your skin tone, how bright you're willing to go, and the upkeep you're up. Remember: Copper has a reddish tone, which could turn brassy easily on Asian hair without proper care!

To help you choose, check out these celebrity-approved copper colors:

Kendall Jenner: Pumpkin Spice

Kendall Jenner first sparked the internet's fancy for the color by debuting pumpkin spice locks on the Prada Fall/Winter 2022 runway in Milan. The model rocked it again later for Off-White, where the black veil she was wearing could barely conceal the vibrant hue.

kendall jenner red copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/nikki_makeup

Sydney Sweeney: Copper Blonde

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney was in on the redhead agenda, too. Just three days ago, the actress showed off her new copper blonde hair color on Instagram. And for the Sydney stans out there, her colorist Nikki Lee dishes to Allure that it's for an upcoming film. 

sydney sweeney copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/sydney_sweeney

Sophie Turner: Reddish Copper

Even Sophie Turner, another natural blonde, recently went back to red. She was spotted attending the Louis Vuitton Fall 2022 show in Paris with a wine copper mane, and it took us right back to her Game of Thrones days.

sophie turner red copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/cwoodhair
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Doja Cat: Intense Copper

Now if you're after a full transformation for your post-quarantine locks, let Doja Cat be your guide. This rich copper red look from her Jingle Ball stage on New Year's Eve couldn't be a better welcome for 2022.

doja cat red copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/dojacat

Phoebe Dynevor: Golden Copper

With Bridgerton Season 2 premiering this month, we also can't miss mentioning Phoebe Dynevor's golden copper strands for her role as Daphne Bridgerton.

phoebe dynevor red copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/phoebedynevor

Gigi Hadid: Copper Sombré

Need more convincing? Well, let's not forget that a copper dye job is also Gigi Hadid-approved. Her The Queen's Gambit-inspired makeover last year was unforgettable, to say the least.

gigi hadid red copper hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/gigihadid

KC Concepcion: Bright Orange-Red

In case you're wondering, Filipinas are definitely not behind on this trend. KC Concepcion was actually ahead of the pack, dyeing her hair this bright red-orange shade as early as March 2021. A year later, it's now all the rage in Hollywood!

copper hair trend summer 2022
PHOTO BY Instagram/kristinaconcepcion

So, who's up to being a redhead this summer?


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