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Cool Hairstyles at #PreviewBestDressed We Can't Wait To Cop

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Cool Hairstyles at #PreviewBestDressed We Can't Wait To Cop

We celebrate Fashion Month this September and what better way to celebrate it than with the announcement of Preview’s annual Best Dressed List! Instead of the usual all-night fete, we opted for an intimate dinner at The Peninsula Manila where this year’s honorees—along with some of Manila’s most stylish—got to dine and chat with the chic beats DJ Badkiss to set the vibe.

However, being impeccably dressed doesn’t only stop at one's outfit choice. It's further enhanced with an unbeatable beauty look to go with it. That’s why if there’s one more thing we look forward to during a #PreviewBestDressed party, it’s how guests style their tresses to match their looks. It was all about color this year, and with all the fun suits and dresses we spotted that night, there was no shortage of pretty hairstyles you can definitely cop for yourself; because an outfit is never complete without perfectly styled hair.

Here are some of the best tresses you should be excited to try whether it’s a daytime soiree or an exciting night out:

1. Opt for a simple blowout with flipped ends like Shaira Luna!

If your outfit is as colorful as Shaira Luna’s, it’s best to keep your beauty look simple and tame to make you stand out. “Because my dress and bag are both from the '70s, I decided to go with one of my favorite hairstyles that I can do myself: volumized at the crown, with the ends curled outward,” she shares. According to this stylish photog, the trick is to condition your hair a day before the event and use dry shampoo on the day of.

2. Flaunt your signature hair color the way Rosenthal Tee does.

Designer Rosenthal Tee has been sporting her statement two-toned hair color for years, and she suggests to stick to your “signature look” even at big events. Just make sure that you take extra care of your hair to avoid split ends and dryness after styling with a nourishing conditioner, like Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive to ensure those locks keep their vibrant hue!

3. Loose, messy curls are the way to go for a youthful and playful look like Maggie Wilson's.

Maggie Wilson’s flourescent feather mini dress by Patty Ang definitely turned heads that night but what made it even more interesting was her makeup choice—intensely lined smokey eyes—paired with scrunched up beach waves. Because of those tousled tresses plus black leather boots, her outfit had an unexpected rock 'n' roll bent that was ultra cool.

Try Maggie's look by prepping hair with a heat protectant before using your curling iron (keep in mind to go in different directions when sectioning), finish off with sea salt spray, then a lightweight hairspray to set. Done!

4. Frame your face like Parul Shah did with soft and airy tendrils.

Parul’s gown was quite the show-stopper; to tone down the red carpet glamour to fit an intimate dinner, Parul styled her hair into a messy ponytail while letting some sparse layers loose around her face. “I was actually running late, so I took a quick shower and was only able to rinse off 70% of my conditioner. I have naturally curly hair so when it dried, my curls turned out so beautiful and healthy,” Parul shares. She also admits to using Cream Silk conditioner like the Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair and Shine daily to keep her textured tresses manageable and frizz-free. Her hairstyle at the dinner helped emphasize that coveted V-shape jawline.

Achieve this look yourself by spraying on a texturizer before tying your hair back loosely, then strategically pulling down the shorter layers to frame your face.

5. Why not channel Old Hollywood glamour like Nicole Tejano in bombshell waves?

If your outfit takes on a more minimal silhouette, don’t be scared liven things up with your hair! For Nicole, it was all about channeling a Hollywood A-lister with soft controlled waves that elegantly framed her face. The key to this look is proper prep—make sure to use a lightweight conditioner to help make heat-styling easier (and for those curls to last all night, too!) before setting those locks with extra shine hair spray.

6. Opt for Agoo Bengzon’s soft and bouncy curl!

Former Preview Beauty Editor Agoo Bengzon knows firsthand how colored tresses can be the ultimate accessory for a bright-colored outfit. So for the #PreviewBestDressed dinner, she went with loose and bouncy waves to go with her deep auburn hair. “I used a color-protecting shampoo, then used Cream Silk’s Triple Keratin Rescue Crème,” she shares, “I left the mask on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water (I find that the cold water technique makes my hair less prone to frizz).” When creating that loose volume, Agoo used a flat iron to achieve a subtle curl prior to setting her look with hairspray. The beauty guru also talks about another step she makes, especially when it comes to hair tools: “Prior to heat styling, it’s imperative to use a heat-protecting spray, especially if you’re using a flat iron, which can dispense heat at a temperature of 400-degrees Celsius.”

7. Embrace your sexy side like Bea Marin by going for loose waves.

For Bea Marin’s event look, it was all about a tasteful show of skin beneath crisp tailoring. Since she was going more for an undone look for her locks, Bea kept her hair loose without compromising shine—the type that looks sexy when tossed to the side for photos, which makes it totally achievable with the proper prep. Try using conditioner to nourish those tresses before a finger-combed blow dry to achieve this look.

Whatever hairstyle you choose to try from this year’s stylish #PreviewBestDressed attendees, make sure to give your hair the TLC it deserves with the right conditioner for that perfect pre- and post-event look. With Cream Silk’s Triple Keratin Rescue, you can get smooth, shiny, and vibrant #UltimatelyBeautifulHair. And even with all the styling, rest easy on the fact that those locks are well protected. Be it bombshell waves or dainty loose curls, it’s all up to you to turn heads and be that chic and stylish showstopper you were meant to be.

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