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Contouring 101

We school you on the basics of contouring your face via these GIFs.
Contouring 101 We school you on the basics of contouring your face via these GIFs.

A slimmer face and killer cheekbones, don't we all want that? Thankfully, we don't need to get a plastic surgery to achieve this; with the use of just two products, you can dramatically change your face shape. If you covet the models who strut the runways with their chiseled cheekbones, just read on.

Contouring brings back the shadows of the face right after you put on foundation. When you layer on foundation (especially the full coverage ones), your face appears to be flat. Bronzers or dark powders add the illusion of sculpted cheekbones and slim down your face instantly.

Start by grabbing an angled blush brush, the easiest tool to use for contouring. The shape allows you to sculpt your cheeks. We recommend to use a matte bronzing powder to mimic the natural shadows of the face. A shimmer bronzer would still work as long as it's not too shiny. Else, you'll just defeat the purpose of digging in your face. Note that shimmer or anything shiny brings any area forward.


Find the center of your ear and brush downwards until about one and half inches from the corner of your lips. Some people prefer sucking in their cheeks, but if you're face is wide, the no-sucking-in technique makes the contouring more effective: it does make your face look longer compared to the rather popular technique. Make sure to blend out the edges; a harsh line across the face is less than flattering. Soft, contoured cheekbones are the way to go.

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Let's pay attention to your jawline, too! Sharp jawlines can be softened by this step. Square-faced gals need not be conscious anymore. They can slim down and create a fake V-Line on their face. Again, it's important to blend away the line.

step 2 contouring

With the powder that's left on your brush, swirl it along the hairline and you're done! You can also use highlighters on top of your cheekbones to make them even look more pronounced.


Before you rush to makeup counters, try out the top bronzers that we have compiled by viewing the gallery.