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We Found a Concealer and Powder Duo Made for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Especially if wearing a mask is giving you breakouts.
We Found a Concealer and Powder Duo Made for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Ever heard of maskne? It’s a growing skincare concern now that we’re required to wear face masks every time we leave our homes. The term “maskne” combines the words mask and acne, which basically explains how wearing masks can trigger breakouts. While face masks help protect us from getting sick, it can also trap humidity, dirt, and oil that build up on the skin causing zits on maskne-prone spots like our chins, noses, and cheeks. Maskne becomes more common if you already have oily, acne-prone skin to begin with. So, in an effort to treat these mask-related breakouts, Careline came up with makeup products that can benefit our skin in the new normal:  

Acne Spot Concealer 

You can easily apply this concealer to hide pimples, dark spots, and even out your skin tone. The shades are Natural (natural brown), Oriental (yellow tone), Mocha (medium tan), and Café (dark brown), and these blend effortlessly on different skin types and tones. Each is infused with well-known skincare ingredients like tea tree oil that helps reduce swelling and redness, as well as salicylic acid that helps fight acne and future breakouts.  

Oil Control Mattifying Loose Powder

This lightweight powder allows your skin to breathe even with your face mask on. It helps absorb excess oil, prevent breakouts, and give your skin a matte finish. You can get it in two shades: Sugar (pink nude powder) and Cinnamon (yellow nude powder). Both leave skin with a fresh, natural-looking finish that lasts.

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