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7 Common Korean Skincare Routine Mistakes You Might Be Making

7 Common Korean Skincare Routine Mistakes You Might Be Making
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Are these getting in the way of your glass skin goals?

So you officially have your K-beauty skincare routine in place, but it seems like it isn't working as well as it should. The culprit might be hiding somewhere in your technique, which is equally important as the products you're using. Ahead, we run down some common mistakes you should definitely ditch or avoid:

1. Changing all your skincare products too quickly.

As exciting as it is to transition to a full K-beauty regimen ASAP, it'll actually give you the exact opposite of a glowing complexion. That's because replacing all your usual skincare products in one go can overwhelm your skin, causing more problems than solving them.

The best course of action would be to introduce your new Korean skincare products one at a time so your skin will have time to adjust. Adding one new product every two weeks would be ideal, because this way, if something doesn't work for you, it'll be easy for you to identify it, too. Patience is a virtue!

How to successfully switch a K-beauty skincare routine

2. Following the 10-step skincare routine without adjusting it.

Truth be told, the famous Korean 10-step routine isn't for everyone. It isn't always the best fit for humid weather and those with oily or sensitive skin, which is why you shouldn't feel bad if it isn't working for you.

Luckily, a long and complicated regimen isn't the only way to get into K-beauty. You can always try doing a skip-care routine instead, which involves using multi-purpose products to shorten the steps in your routine. Or, you can simply switch all your essential steps into K-beauty products! Don't forget to keep your skin type in mind when selecting items!


What to do if the Korean 10-step routine breaks you out

3. Not putting on your products in the correct order.

Layering your skincare products properly is key to making them work well. By rule of thumb, you should start with ones with a light, watery texture (toner, essence) and work your way up to the heavier, creamy stuff (moisturizer, oil). That said, remember that sunscreen always goes on top of all your products!

A complete guide to the right Korean skincare order

4. Being too aggressive with your skin.

This is another universal skincare rule, but Koreans are very particular about the way they apply their skincare. It's important for you to be very gentle—never rub or drag! Instead, use light pressing and tapping motions. Doing this won't only prevent wrinkles, it will prevent your face from feeling painful and raw after putting on your products.

5. Being inconsistent.

The results of your skincare routine unfortunately won't appear overnight. It could take a few weeks or months for you to actually reach your goals, and that's if and only if you use your products consistently (and yes, we mean every single day). Try your best to fully commit to your K-beauty routine (find some tips, here)—we promise it'll pay off later!

6. Neglecting your prevention steps.

K-beauty is all about prevention. Instead of worrying about a specific issue like fine lines or dark spots later on, their logic is to actually keep them from occurring at all. That's why aside from having treatment steps like serums and ampoules, don't forget to use sunscreen (a.k.a. the best anti-aging product out there) and double cleanse at the start of your routine to prevent clogged pores.

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7. Forgetting the rest of your body.

Your body routine doesn't have to be as complicated as your facial skincare. Doing the basic steps like exfoliating and moisturizing regularly should be enough! That said, when doing your face regimen, try to apply the same products to your neck, decolletage, and hands to spread all the benefits evenly. These areas are as equally exposed as your mug, after all!

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