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This Is Why Your Conditioner Isn't Working, Says a Korean Hairstylist

This Is Why Your Conditioner Isn't Working, Says a Korean Hairstylist

Conditioner saves our hair from being as dry as a desert. It's our secret to maintaining soft and bouncy locks, and we know it's yours, too. But, according to celebrity hairstylist Bumho Lee, we should still be careful about how we use it.

Bumho, who has worked with actress Dambi Son and K-pop groups B1A4 and Seventeen, spilled a common conditioner mistake that will change your hair care routine forever.

In an interview with Soko Glam, he says, "People often think that when it comes to conditioner or treatment, the more you use the better. But in reality, you only need to use about the size of your thumb."

Bumho clarifies that conditioner is only meant to prevent tangles, so using too much isn't such a good idea. "If you feel that you need more product, always go back and add more—just be careful not to use too much product in one go, since this will prevent even distribution." Or worse, it could double your rinsing time and weigh your hair down!


To see if you have the right amount of conditioner, the hairsylist suggests doing a little test in the shower. "When you rub your hands, you should be able to evenly spread the product onto your palms without the product clumping," he says.

Why so little product, you ask? Well, Bumho thinks that damaged strands would be better off with a hair treatment that'll address specific concerns than conditioner. Again, he thinks conditioner is only there to bring the slip back into shampooed hair, not solve its biggest problems.

Read Bumho's full interview with Soko Glam here.

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