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How to Get Yourself to Finally Commit to a Skincare Routine

No more sleeping with makeup on.
How to Get Yourself to Finally Commit to a Skincare Routine
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No more sleeping with makeup on.

Shopping for products is not just the first phase of the skincare cycle—it's also the easiest. The difficult part is to get yourself to actually use it and use it often, on top of everything else you already own. In fact, you may be wondering how people manage to commit to double cleansing, toning, masking—you know, the whole shebang—every single day without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, all you want to do after getting home is to collapse on your bed. Thing is, committing to a skincare routine is as much a process as the regimen itself, and you just have to trust that you'll get there. Here's a list of tips we swear by to help you out:

1. Find out what your skin needs.

Before anything, start with a little self-interview—a skinterview, if you will. Is your skin dry? Oily? Acne-prone? Asking yourself these questions help in identifying your skin type, which is basically your guide to building a skincare routine that suits you. Moreover, knowing exactly what your skincare should be solving can serve as motivation to stick to your regimen to see results. Incentivizing every step is key. That's why there are people who can still wash off their makeup even while intoxicated. Skincare works, people, but only if you stick to it!

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2. Do your product research.

The more in-depth your knowledge about a product, the more likely you'd use it. Before (or after) you purchase something, do your best to learn about its ingredients and how it will affect your skin. The better the claims, the more enticed you are to keep using it. For example, being aware that a toner helps cleanse, balance, and hydrate your skin gives you a reason to use it rather than thinking of it as merely a liquid you pour onto a cotton round.

3. Start with the basics.

If you're just starting to build a routine, don't overwhelm yourself with one that has 10 steps you're probably not going to follow. Start with the essentials first, such as the cleanser and moisturizer, and then see how those work for you. This will make skincare feel like less of a chore, and there are more chances you'll enjoy the process and add more products (toner, sunscreen, etc.) in the future.

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4. Constantly remind yourself to do it.

A popular excuse for not doing a skincare routine is simply forgetting about it. So, try to treat it like the rest of your daily tasks. Write a reminder note on your fridge or bedside table, set an alarm on your phone, or tell your sibling to give you a little nudge—anything that'll put it in your headspace. By doing this constantly, preferably at the same time every day, you'll end up training your brain to add it to your daily routine.


5. Don't use products that are too complicated.

If a product requires you to wait for more than 10 minutes or has a long-winded procedure, skip it for now. Again, the goal is not to make skincare feel like a chore. Make things breezy with straightforward, easy-to-use products that won't have you snoring halfway through application. You can save the complicated ones for when you're really in the mood for extra pampering.

6. Stay organized.

The more convenient your routine, the higher the possibility that you'll finish it. Doing something as simple as storing your skincare in one convenient place helps—you can even line them up in order! For easy access, don't forget to place your accessories nearby, too, like your a headband, hairtie, tissues, cotton pads and swabs, washcloths, etc.


7. Make it relaxing.

Try playing some music (or a customized skincare playlist), lighting a scented candle, or changing the mood lighting—anything that'll relax your mind and mentally prep you for the task. Whatever it is that'll make skincare more fun (or zen) for you, go ahead and do it! Building a positive mood around doing your skincare regimen makes it something to look forward to, like a new genre of meditation.

8. Don't be afraid to switch things up.

A repetitive routine is yet another common excuse for becoming non-committal, so when you're feeling bored with your cleanse-tone-moisturize trope, switch up your steps. You can give yourself a break with an alternative routine, one that's shorter or longer than your usual, or buy something new that you can't wait to try. A new mask, perhaps?


9. Surround yourself with skincare content.

The beauty community is exactly that—a community. We endlessly discuss everything there is about the subject, and the conversation has become more convenient and inclusive thanks to the internet. So even if your IRL friends aren't skincare-obsessed, you can follow skincare accounts on Instagram, go through threads on Reddit, and read articles to stay inspired.

10. Consider it as self-care.

If you set up your skincare routine right, it'll become one of those things that you'd rely on to decompress after a long day. It allows you to have a few moments of self-pampering in the comfort of your own home, all while taking care what is, after all, the biggest organ in your body. Everything listed above is meant to help you reach this point, but it's also a fantastic mindset for becoming a skincare convert.

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