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5 Easy Ways To Combat Your Dried Out Hair

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5 Easy Ways To Combat Your Dried Out Hair
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Living in the tropics has its share of advantages—easy access to the beach, no harsh winter temps, and even the ability to sashay in your fave resort wear pretty much all year round.

Though, the excruciating heat and fickle weather conditions can take a toll on our hair—such a bummer if you're growing it out. The constant exposure to the elements can cause our tresses to dry out and feel brittle by the end of the day. Constant trips to the salon for a conditioning hair treatment might seem like the best quick fix, but doing it often can get pricey.

If you find your hair is lifeless and dull because of the lack of moisture in your strands, scroll down for practical ways to give your tresses some TLC that won't break the bank. They'll need it especially if you want longer hair:

1. Avoid heat styling.

Heat styling is definitely one of the biggest culprits when you’ve got dry hair. The extreme heat from your dryer or iron can strip your hair of its natural moisture, causing damage to your strands, scalp, and hair follicles. So take a break, or if you must, try holding your dryer a little further (about six inches) away from your hair.

If you must use a flat iron, do so when your hair is already dry to avoid damage. Also, run it through each hair section only once. If you think you need to repeat, check the temp—it may not be high enough for the thickness of your hair. Check out these other flat-ironing mistakes that can dry out and damage your tresses.

2. Eat food rich in Omega-3 and antioxidants.

A good diet not only helps your physical well-being, but it also does wonders for your locks. Food like salmon, avocado, and oysters are examples that are rich in Omega-3, which helps keep your hair strong and shiny. As for antioxidants, these protect us against damage caused by free radicals, that aren't isolated to our hair, but to overall body health as well. Drinks like green tea and red wine, food like dark chocolate and whole grain bread are all rich in antioxidants. Now, there’s a tiny excuse to indulge in that glass of vino (or two)!

3. See your hairdresser for a trim.

A common cause of dry and brittle hair are split ends. If you spend your most of your days outdoors or on the commute, the probability that you have dehydrated, damaged hair is high because of its exposure to the elements. Getting a fresh cut will help get rid of damaged tips and minimize further hair damage.

4. Consider switching to silk pillowcases.

If you think that your choice of bed linens has no impact on your hair, think again. Tossing and turning through the night can unintentionally tug at your strands, causing them to break. In fact, the same goes for tying your hair when you sleep, according to some hair stylists. An ultra smooth fabric such as silk can prevent strands from breaking and help maintain the condition of your mane, giving you more reason to have a good night's sleep.

5. Use a hydrating conditioner.

Choosing the right conditioner might be tricky but once you find the one, it will make all the difference. Some assume that conditioners might make their hair greasy and heavy, but treating your hair to some DIY TLC should give the sheen and moisture that those tresses are looking for.

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