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Here's Your First Look at the Colourette x The Kings Collection

Just in time for pride month!
Here's Your First Look at the Colourette x The Kings Collection
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/angiemeadking
Just in time for pride month!

We're getting a special treat from Colourette Cosmetics for pride month, and there's definitely more to it than makeup. This June 6, the local makeup brand is collaborating with the dynamic duo of Joey and Angelina Mead King for The Kings x Colourette, a collection of tints and highlighters inspired by their advocacy and love for beauty.

Below, Joey and Angie talk to Preview to reveal more about the collab prior to its launch:

Hi Joey and Angie! How did The Kings x Colourette come about?

Joey: "I've always wanted [to have] a lip line, and I was looking for a reputable brand that enjoyed breaking stereotypes of what beauty is. Colourette is that brand. JM of Artists & Co. introduced me to Nina [Dizon], the CEO of Colourette Cosmetics last year. Au Mauricio of Artists & Co. had worked with Nina [before] and felt she was the perfect client [for the lip line]."

Can you tell us more about the collection's theme?

J: "The Kings X Colourette is celebrating duality and diversity. Pride month means a lot to us. Before Angie was public, we spent several pride festivals abroad, where Angie and I would be safe and able to enjoy our own diversity. Hence, why our products are in dual lip containers with two different colors that can be used as a lip or cheek tint. The duality and the diversity of their presentation and application were key."


What kind of message are you hoping to send with the release of your collab?

Angie: "Being an openly trans woman, I always make sure that I promote love and equality in everything I do. With this campaign, we want to promote love, inclusion, and gender equality. I hope it encourages others to be strong [and] confident, and to love oneself."

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IMAGE Courtesy of Joey Mead King

Angie and Joey with their Velvet Dualitints

How involved were you two in the process of creating the products? What was it like?

J: "A large percent. From colors to packaging, we [considered] what the consumers will appreciate. And with Nina's know-how, we created a line we feel is appealing to many.

"We didn't take a major interest in what other brands had on the market. [We concentrated on] what Angie and I gravitated towards. One [important] part was not having a matte product, for Angie and I wanted moisturizing ones with a lasting appeal like the Velvet Dualitint. "


How do your personalities reflect in the collection?

J: "[This reflects in us] Allowing the individual to use our line in several ways, depending on what they need, feel, or [want] to express at that moment."


What are your personal approaches to beauty?

Angie: "I like to make sure I always take care of my skin. I always try to hydrate, sleep well, and do a basic skincare regimen like going to the derma, using a toner, and moisturizing to both cleanse and keep my skin hydrated. For my makeup, I like to keep it clean and natural for the day time and glam for evenings."


IMAGE Courtesy of Joey Mead King

On Angie: Velvet Dualitint in Love and Light

J: "I'm playful with makeup. It depends on [my] mood and situation, but a common element is keeping it easy to do and not complicated."

IMAGE Courtesy of Joey Mead King

On Joey: Velvet Dualitint in RBF


The Kings x Colourette will be available for pre-order starting June 6. Visit Colourette's official Instagram for updates.

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