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How Colored Hair Can Complete Your Look According to These Style Setters

Discover how their stand out tresses have become a key fashion tool.

by Created with TRESemmé | Oct 10, 2019

Whoever assumed that fashion girls don’t pay much attention to their beauty game might not be as well informed as they think. Case in point: Celebrities and style fixtures Janine Gutierrez, Laureen Uy, Daryl Chang, and Pam Quiñones are no strangers when it comes to the fashion frontlines—no matter what the occasion, count on these tastemakers to be well-dressed from head to toe.

So how does their crowning glory affect the way they look at fashion and how do they complement their tresses for a showstopping #LOTD? What does it take to keep it in top form? Preview finds out in this exclusive.

White Light: Laureen Uy and Daryl Chang

When it comes to coming up with their commanding #OOTDs, Laureen Uy and Daryl Chang both have their styles down pat. For Laureen, being blonde is a welcome change to the pink or ash hair color she’s been known to wear, although it’s not the first time she’s jumping into lighter territory. “I really love being blonde, I get to be super playful and wear so much color with it. Iba talaga yun nagagawa niya,” she tells us. Her street style snaps are what keeps her audience regularly visiting her social media channels, and she knows that her new color is going to be an asset in playing up the outfits she puts together for the ’gram. Her answer to how she’d style herself now, she quips: “I would amp it up with a lot of colored pieces, specifically lilac.”

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Meanwhile, Daryl has been sporting her platinum locks for almost a decade and it remains an integral to her sartorial personality. “I find blonde hair easier to wear because even on my laziest days, I don’t have to style it [any different]. I’m so indifferent to the urge to look made-up (not to be confused with the urge to dress up because that’s definitely my daily concern) so being blonde is my unthinking, sort of self-winding solution,” the top stylist says when asked why she’s decided to keep her hair color all these years.


While Daryl has a penchant for all-black outfits, you can’t help but notice her current inclination towards brights and neons (punctuated even more through her line, d.d.daily, showcased during the TRESemmé Runway Ready Show), which amplify the commanding attention of her long, blonde bob. When it comes to clothing styles, this is what she has to say: “[My light hair color] lends itself to more expressive fashion versatility, and I like different perspectives—one day I’d be in a tailored suit, the next day in a flowy dress; I have no bias against aesthetics or personas, because set against platinum locks, almost every outfit look so much cooler,” she says.

Laureen is more about being more experimental when it comes to dyeing her hair, which wasn’t the case during her early years in the industry. “The most spontaneous and adventurous I’ve gone with my hair was at that time I was in London, which was like 5 or 6 years back. I was going around Shoreditch where I noticed everyone had colored hair and amazing outfits. [That was] when I got inspired to wear more sneakers, be a little more edgy and street. Right then, at a time where I had long and curly hair, I decided to go to a salon, get bangs, straighten my hair, cut it shorter, and dye it blue green! I didn’t regret it, parang sobrang liberating ng feeling kasi I’ve never done it before, plus it was all so spur of the moment, I loved it. And from then on, I’ve just been coloring my hair regularly.”


Daryl and Laureen may differ on occasion when it comes to their fashion aesthetic, but they have similar tastes when it comes to wearing color—youthful, relevant and definitely fashion forward. And the commonalities don’t stop there, because they also know more than a thing or two about mane maintenance. 

“I feel that if you really want to maintain the color, you can [opt not to wash your hair everyday],” says Laureen. “But since we live in a tropical country, it’s really hard to do that [especially] once you go out of your house or apartment—you’re already sweating after 10 minutes. So [shampooing constantly] doesn’t really matter as long as you take good care of your hair. With TRESemmé’s Blonde Brilliance, you can easily do that because it cancels out all of the brassy tones.”

Daryl couldn’t agree more: “My stylist can also attest that I always, always bring my own hair care products to the salon! I brought TRESemmé’s Blonde Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner to my last touch-up, and on top of how well it massaged into my freshly bleached hair, it smelled absolutely incredible, too. I find it indispensable for me especially in the first two weeks after my color treatment as it tones and neutralizes the brassy pigments in my hair, making it more white than yellow.”


Rich and Radiant: Janine Gutierrez and Pam Quiñones

Scrolling through actress and fashion muse Janine Gutierrez’s IG feed will give you snippets of a style chameleon inclined towards classic and timeless looks that celebrate her femininity. That appeal is strengthened even more when you gaze on her sultry eyes and gorgeous locks that serve as the perfect finish to all those glamorous outfits. But according to this young star, she finds that to pull off any look, a proper hair care routine is essential especially for someone who spends hours on end in the hair and makeup chair given all the shoots, tapings and appearances like she does. “It really starts with the right shampoo and conditioner that caters to the needs of your hair,” she says.


Her work also made her come to terms with not being able to drastically change up her hair color even if she wanted to. She reveals, “there was a time when it would be a little difficult whenever I would film shows where my hair had to be brown even when it was red in real life. I had to go back and forth to the extent of spraying brown-colored hairspray for the sake of continuity.”

But with her new strawberry-tinged ’do, Janine finds it easier to sport a fresh color more than ever; even stressing the decision to do it couldn’t come at a better time than for the release of TRESemmé’s Color Radiance Line. “My hair has been vibrant for the past weeks since I colored it, and I’ve had no trouble at all with maintenance.” She added, “I don’t feel [compelled at the moment] to adjust my style to fit my hair, when in fact, it’s even elevated it, and given another dimension to how I dress. It’s gotten me excited to dress up, take pictures and go out because it’s refreshing to have a change of look. I feel like a new person.”


Celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Pam Quiñones, on the other hand, always turns heads with her unique fashion sensibilities, whether it’s dressing her clients or herself. Striking an interesting balance between masculine and feminine while still keeping her aesthetic mysteriously sexy is something she’s successfully pulled off. Her formula is not just powerful, but beautifully appealing, although when it comes to her hair, it’s both an experimental and fundamental process. But one thing is clear: Pam plays it cool by changing it up here and there.

“[Similar to] skin tone, I also apply color theory when matching hair tone with outfit colors. I have warm skin so I also adhere to warmer tones for hair and clothing. For makeup, I’m inclined to warm browns, sunny peaches—anything sun-kissed,” says Pam. As a newly-minted redhead, what’s her advice when it comes to styling? “Deeper reds work well with similar [colors] such as pinks and purples. Naturally, clothes in shades of red also complement red hair: A tone-on-tone look of a feminine slip dress worn under a masculine boxy blazer is very chic.”


To accentuate crimson-hued hair, both Pam and Janine agree that dressing in black helps their color stand out more. “I just discovered that now,” Janine declared during the Runway Ready event.  Pam also suggests: “For an edgier look, wear a black or white outfit. Crimson locks worn with a crisp white shirt or a black outfit [can be] equally chic.”

These style mavens know what they want and are unafraid to achieve the look they’re going for. But don’t be fooled—just like their no-nonsense take on fashion, their perspective towards hair care can be just as scrutinizing; after all, they all want to look their best every single time.


Punctuating your outfit definitely involves the total look, and hair color can make or break it—which is why when asked what makes them stay true to their hair hues, each girl turns to TRESemmé’s new Pro-Color series to keep their locks in pristine condition. The Jojoba oil-infused Purple Shampoo of TRESemmé’s Blonde Brilliance line ensures that Laureen and Daryl’s locks are protected from harsh chemicals you would normally find in regular shampoo. The purple tone of the shampoo adheres to their strands and cancels out the yellow and warm undertones, leaving hair looking less brassy while extending the condition of their color. For those sporting warmer shades similar to Janine and Pam’s, the Color Radiance system works wonders in locking in pigment as if you just walked out of the salon. Using a game-changing technology that keeps color in its optimal state, it features a unique film that coats and binds to the hair fibers that seals in color for longer. The best part? The bonus: It works even better after every wash, making color last twice as long.


Know more about the new TRESemmé Pro-Color Series by following them on Facebook.

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