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Coleen Garcia Got Inked and This is What it Means

Plus, more cool tatts and their stories from the fashion folk.
Coleen Garcia Got Inked and This is What it Means Plus, more cool tatts and their stories from the fashion folk.

Tattoos make for a great conversation piece as the stories behind the ink on one’s skin can reveal a lot about a person. Perhaps this is why those who choose to get inked think hard and long of what image they want.  Here we round up some of our favorite folks from the industry with pretty interesting stories to tell behind their tattoos, starting off with Preview’s March cover girl, Coleen Garcia.

Coleen Garcia


At her first ever solo Preview cover shoot, our eyes zoomed in on the new tattoo on Coleen's sexy back. It's her own design and, for the first time ever, she reveals the whys behind her body ink. She shares, “I chose an anchor because of all the trials I went through with [boyfriend] Billy [Crawford] two years ago. The anchor represents strength and stability. No matter how strong the wind blows, a boat will stay in place as long as the anchor holds it in place. Also, in the past, people weren't allowed to be vocal with their faith--they could (and did) get killed for it. People used to get anchor tattoos to conceal the cross. So this anchor also represents all the weight on my shoulders, which was lifted by cross. The heart represents my loved ones who keep me grounded, while the butterfly is for my lola. (She also has a butterfly tattoo on her butt and her back.) My grandmother practically raised me by herself and supported me in every way possible. My own interpretation of the butterfly is freedom, individuality, metamorphosis, and transformation. Lastly, the infinity sign is a reminded that all of this is forever. I will always have strength, I will always have God, I will always have my family. This tattoo reminds me that it's all going to be there forever."

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Shaira Luna

Who gets a basket tattooed on her forearm? Shaira, that’s who. The photographer and ukay-ukay queen says it’s her tribute to Jane Birkin because “I love her like I love Florence Welch!”


Xeng Zulueta


The makeup artist got her ”power arrows” last September on the day of her grandma’s birthday. She says she had it placed on her working hand because “my fingers are the extensions of my makeup brushes.” It was her boyfriend, Gabe, who designed it and Marlon Capuno of Vice Ink brought it to life.


Lovi Poe


A lot of people dedicate their tattoos to their mothers but there are also some cases where it’s all about daddy. Actress Lovi Poe, for one, chose to have the words “My Wings” and “My Gravity” inked on either side of her ribs to honor her dad, the late Fernando Poe Jr., during his first death anniversary.


Saab Magalona-Bacarro


Speaking of daddy tatts, Saab paid tribute to late father Francis Magalona by having his famed three stars and a sun emblem inked on her back.


Marian Rivera

Tattoos can be bad for business, especially when you’re the face of a skincare line. But in a spur of the moment Marian decided that she would have a butterfly inked on a small patch of skin on her back as a quiet celebration of her engagement to then fiancé (and now father of her little bundle of joy) Dingdong Dantes.


Images from @coleengarcia, @saabmagalona, and @therealmarian on Instagram

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