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Here's How Coleen Garcia's Been Staying Healthy and Fit While Pregnant

She's already six months pregnant.
Here's How Coleen Garcia's Been Staying Healthy and Fit While Pregnant She's already six months pregnant.

Coleen Garcia is already six months pregnant and still fit as ever. On May 18, Monday, the 27-year-old celebrity posted a video of her baby bump on Instagram stories. In her caption, she wrote, "Can't believe I'll be 6mos pregnant next week! Time flies!"

Based on her social media posts, Coleen has continued her active lifestyle, and does cardio and light exercises regularly to maintain her body. Fans were amazed to see the pregnant star's toned stomach. Others thought she was only three months into her pregnancy.



Her diet, however, has changed in the last six months.

In her vlog post dated May 24, Coleen said her husband Billy Crawford noticed that she has been eating more healthy food since she got pregnant.

Billy said: "Honestly, her taste completely changed. Iyong mga dating gusto niya or her cravings before are actually complete opposites now, which is kind of cool kasi lahat ng mga hilig niya ngayon are actually healthier. They're a bit blander for the regular taste, but better for the baby."

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Coleen agreed, "Yeah, hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa malasa ngayon."

1. Eating in moderation

The actress, however, noted that she does not deprive herself of her cravings. Instead, she sets a limit to how much she can consume.

"Now, every time I see iyong mga masasarap na sweets, I don't deprive myself. I go for it if I really, really want to. Pero hindi na ako nakakarami. Hindi na ako nakakaubos ng isang buong cake, hindi na ako nakakaubos ng isang ice cream. The amount really matters also. I don't think you should deprive yourself, but, at the same time, you should monitor what you're intaking."


Coleen revealed that she usually has oats with milk and mashed bananas for breakfast. She also gets her fiber, carbohydrates, and other essential vitamins and nutrients from fruits. For protein, Coleen said she prefers eggs, chicken, and fish.


Coleen has been avoiding sweets especially because her family is prone to diabetes. She explained, "Ako, personally, natakot ako because my lola has diabetes, so it runs in the family for me.


"Ang ginagawa ko, especially now that I'm pregnant, I try to lessen my sugar by all means, like sa lahat ng dishes ko. Para kapag dumating iyong time na may cupcakes tayo, may ube pandesal tayo, and all of that, hindi ko na pipigilan iyong sarili ko. I get to indulge without feeling guilty kasi alam ko na most of my diet is actually healthy. So kailangan balance lang tayo."

Aside from avoiding sugar, Coleen prefers not to eat salty food. "I'm also trying to avoid too much salt right now. So iyong mga masyadong matoyo, ganun, ako mismo, parang ayoko iyong masyadong malasa. At the same time kasi, nakakamanas daw iyon, so iyon iyong ina-avoid ko din."


Coleen also went through morning sickness during the first trimester of her pregnancy. It came to a point that the already slender actress lost even more weight since she wasn't really eating much. "Iyong cravings ko the first trimester, it was really weird because right after I found out that I was pregnant, ayoko talaga kumain. As in lahat ng food, nakakasuka para sa akin. [I was] 103 pounds, and that was an all-time low for me. I was losing muscle and wala talaga akong ganang kumain, but I was force-feeding myself pa rin."


When she gained back her appetite, she ended up craving for fried food. She recalled, "Finally, nag-crave ako ng mga food, it was all fried, french fries. Everywhere we went nag-oorder ako ng french fries kahit hindi naman ako masyado mahilig sa french fries noon.

"Pero ngayon palaging french fries or turon, especially iyong may langka."

Aside from this, Coleen also craved for mangoes.

Coleen and Billy announced that they are expecting their first baby on Labor Day, May 1. The couple has been married for two years. They tied the knot on April 20, 2018 at the Balesin Island Resort.

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