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Cocoa Crush

Take cues from your summer tan by wearing warm brown hues on all points of your face.
Cocoa Crush Take cues from your summer tan by wearing warm brown hues on all points of your face.

While its actually one of the most flattering colors to wear, seeing a pot of cocoa colored makeup sometimes leaves women perplexed as to how to apply the shade on the face. From the lighter sand to medium mocha to dark chocolate, the possibilities are endless when faced with the challenge of integrating the color family into your everyday regimen. To make it easy for you, introduce the hues by concentrating on one of the major areas of your face and wear complimentary colors on the rest. 


When it comes to the cheeks, brown blush or shimmery bronzer is the easiest way to get yourself looking faux sunkissed. When applied from the temples and curving down toward just underneath your cheekbones, the brown can act like a shadow and give your fave a slimmer and more defined shape. For the rest of your face, try sticking to warmer hues to go with your burnt complexion with apricot and gold a foolproof combination. Watch how to properly apply bronzer here>>

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For summer, ditch your charcoal smokey eye in favor of an equally dramatic brown cloud. Shades in the darker brown family like chocolate or the redder and burnt sienna are a softer approach to the classic style without compromising impact. The more shades you layer, the more dimension you will get in the finished looked. For day, a brown smokey eye will look great with beige pink lips and for night, a swipe of deep berry lippie will look ultra sophisticated. Watch how to create a brown smokey eye here>>


And lastly there are the lips. While you may find cocoa lips intimidating at first, they are actually just the neutral lips' big sister. When picking the right shade for you, remember the same rule of thumb that serves you well when picking red lipstick. Women with warm skintones should stick to browns in the yellow or orange family while cooler skintones can opt for true browns or those with blue undertones. A sharp winged eye and some highlighter on the cheeks is all you need to complete the look. But before you jump headfirst into the trend, try starting off with a friendly brown-mauve which should be just a few shades darker than your staple nude lipstick. Watch what looks best when wearing a neutral brown lip here >>

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