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This Closet Editing Hack Will Help You Create Outfits Faster

It'll make organizing less overwhelming, too!
This Closet Editing Hack Will Help You Create Outfits Faster
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It'll make organizing less overwhelming, too!

Cleaning out my closet is one of the tasks that I have a love-hate relationship with. I do get the idea that an organized wardrobe will help me quickly get ready each time I need to dress up, but I find the process itself overwhelming. I feel drained as soon as I see all of my clothes on my bed. I've got good intentions, but my mind and body can't handle it.

But since I am aware that it's good practice to have a wardrobe purge, I had to do some research and find a method that really calls out to me. The "Keep, Toss, and Maybe" piles did not work for me. Also, don't get me started with the KonMari method. I'm not in the proper headspace to let go of things that I spent with my hard-earned money. (Just being honest, LOL!)

Anyway, after spending hours on YouTube one weekend, I stumbled upon a video that showed everything I wanted in a closet cleanout walk-through. Fashion stylist Allison Bornstein raided content creator Violette's wardrobe to help her get rid of the items she doesn't really need. Allison called it the Closet Editing System, and I must say, it's genius! Here's how it's done:


How to Organize Your Closet: The Closet Editing System

1. Separate your belongings to two categories: The "regulars" and the "nevers"

The "regular"s are the items you always wear, and the "nevers" are the clothes and accessories you rarely or have not yet tried.

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2. Classify the "nevers" into three piles

Go over your "never" pile and group them under these categories: No - I don’t like this. I don’t want to wear this; not now - I don’t want to wear it now, and I don’t want to get rid of it now; and how - I love this, but I don’t know how to wear it. You may keep the "not now" stuff in a suitcase or a separate storage area. Things that may fall under this list are cold-weather clothing like knits, coats, and boots. Evening gowns can be under this classification, too.

3. Mix your "regulars" with the items from the "how" pile

Bring the pieces you don’t know how to wear back from the dead by styling them with your favorites. Take photos of these looks (a simple flatlay or a mirror selfie will do) so you'll remember how to put the pieces together the next time you'll dress up.


4. Put back the items that made the cut

Look at the items left in your closet and filter in the "regulars" and revived pieces from the "never" pile. If you spot that you own multiple styles or colors of the same thing (say, a camisole), Allison explains that this okay as long as you wear them all. As for the "no" and the unworkable "how" items, you gotta say goodbye to them!


    Watch the whole process here:

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