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Here's How You Can Achieve the "Clean Girl" Aesthetic Even Without Flawless Skin

Nail the clean girl look with this ultimate guide.
Here's How You Can Achieve the "Clean Girl" Aesthetic Even Without Flawless Skin
Nail the clean girl look with this ultimate guide.

The "clean girl" makeup trend first became big on TikTok in 2022. It is described as a minimalist, natural-looking aesthetic. The clean girl makeup is all about enhancing your natural features without looking overdone.

It's nothing new because this is similar to the no-makeup look, which has been around for decades. The minimalist makeup look started in the '90s and it never left. The no-makeup look has been revived as the clean girl makeup aesthetic. Am I mad about it? Nope! As human beings, we crave novelty. The reinvention of the term no-makeup look to clean girl makeup look is our way of owning our look in a specific era. In our case, the post-pandemz, TikTok trends era.

Below, celeb makeup artist Mikka Marcaida showed the best way to do clean girl makeup. You can see the model's natural skin texture, and there is barely any makeup on the lids and cheeks. The focal points are the brushed-up brows and juicy lips.

model wearing clean girl makeup aesthetic
Celeb makeup artist Mikka Marcaida does the clean girl makeup aesthetic on the model. Instagram/mikkamarcaida

Why the clean makeup trend is here to stay

As mentioned earlier, it never left and it just had a different name. But I guess during the time when Kardashian makeup was super hot, minimalist makeup took a backseat and was mostly worn by everyday girlies. Instagram baddies navigated their makeup routines around sculpted cheekbones, cut-crease lids, and perfect brows. (Remember your kilay is life era?)


Makeup artist Denise Ochoa perfectly nailed the clean girl aesthetic here.

Jane de Leon wearing the clean girl makeup aesthetic
Jane de Leon looks super fresh! Instagram/deniseochoa

The best answer to why it is here to stay is that the clean girl makeup look is timeless. You won't have to cringe at your pics because you like yourself, just better. Having a glowing base, groomed brows, a sheer wash on the lids, and an MLBB lippie also suits everyone. You just need to choose the right shade to suit your skin tone.

watch now

Celeb MUA Ting Duque emphasized Bea Alonzo's beauty in this look. It looks effortless and can withstand trends.

bea alonzo wearing clean girl makeup aesthetic

How do I get the clean girl makeup look?

One of the characteristics of the clean girl makeup aesthetic is the use of skincare-infused beauty products. It's all about caring for your skin, and working with your mama blessed you. It should look effortless.


1. Start with a glowy, undetectable base.

Some girls prefer using concealer and skipping foundation or skin tint. But if you prefer all-over coverage, try this cushion compact that stays on all day. You'll love its dewy, second-skin finish.

Chu Chu Beauty Cushion Compact
Chu Chu Beauty

Yummy Yum Skin Dewy Cushion, P599, CHU CHU BEAUTY, Shopee


2. Go for a subtle contour.

To add dimension to your face, apply creamy contour product on the corners of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. If you have a round face shape, try the vertical contour method.

Vice Cosmetics Multiganda One & Done Contour Sticks
Vice Cosmetics

Multiganda One & Done Contour Sticks, P345, VICE COSMETICS, Lazada

3. Define your eyebrows.

Fill in your brows with a taupe pencil (a universally flattering shade). Then, brush up your brows with a brow gel to give it dimension.

Issy & Co. Brow Volumizing Gel in Brown
Issy & Co.

Issy Volumizing Brow Gel, P208, ISSY, Lazada

4. Aim for a radiant flush.

For dewy cheeks, go for a cream blush in YOUR favorite shade. Pick the color that always works for you. Dab the product lightly on the cheeks for a soft flush. Put on highlighter on top of the cheekbones.

teviant velvet drop

Velvet Drop Multi-use Tinted Mousse, P595, TEVIANT, Lazada

5. Finish with a juicy pout.

To finish the look, put on a tinted lip balm, lip gloss, or moisturizing lippie on your pout.

NARS Afterglow Sensual Shine Lipstick in Dolce Vita

Afterglow Sensual Shine Lipstick in Dolce Vita, P1650, NARS, Lazada

francine diaz wearing clean girl makeup aesthetic

OPTIONAL: Low-key eyeshadow

Apply a sheer wash of champagne or matte caramel eyeshadow on the lids. I'd suggest skipping the liner and going straight to ~*brown*~ mascara for softer, lusher lashes.

rom&nd Han All Fix Mascara in Long Hazel

Han All Fix Mascara in Long Hazel, P519, ROM&ND, Shopee

How can I achieve the clean girl makeup look if I don't have flawless skin?

I always see comments on clean girl makeup TikTok videos saying, "Step 1: Have perfect skin." I understand that those who have poreless, blemish-free skin have the advantage, but this shouldn't stop you from doing this look.

We're lucky because we live in a time where we are normalizing acne and skin texture. Skinimalism and transparent makeup became also things, aka makeup that embraces real skin texture, including scars, and blemishes.

What you can do is spot-conceal the blemishes, let the concealer set, and then set it with translucent powder or light-reflecting face powder to get that dewy finish.

Strokes Spot Veil Concealer Oil-Free Matte Liquid Concealer
Strokes Beauty Lab


Strokes Spot Veil Concealer Oil-Free Matte Liquid Concealer, P398, STROKES, Lazada

KIKO Milano Radiant Fusion Baked Powder,
Kiko Milano

Radiant Fusion Baked Powder, P1300, KIKO MILANO, Lazada

For the overall clean girl makeup look, try these additional beauty touches:

1. Celeb makeup artist Jelly Eugenio is an expert in bringing out the features of his muse. Here, Nadine Lustre is seen with fluffy brows, lush lashes, peachy cheeks, and wearing an MLBB lippie.

Nadine Lustre wearing the clean girl makeup aesthetic

This hairstyling stick gets rid of frizz and baby hairs so your updo looks polished.

Ichikami Hair Styling Stick

Hair Styling Stick, P445.50, ICHIKAMI, Lazada

A nude-toned manicure will perfectly complement your clean girl aesthetic.

Posh Polish in Buttercream
Posh Nails

Polish in Buttercream, P139, POSH, Lazada

Spritz on a fresh, crisp fragrance that will make you smell fresh out of the shower.

Clean Reserve Eau de Parfum in Warm Cotton


Eau de Parfum in Warm Cotton, P4600, CLEAN RESERVE, Rustan's

You can also try this version that has powdery and floral notes. The smell will remind you of a warm hug!

Clean Reserve EDP Skin

Eau de Parfum in Skin, P4,600, CLEAN RESERVE, Rustan's

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