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Claudia Barretto Is The Latest Goody Girl

Claudia enjoys fashion and sports with the help of Goody.
Claudia Barretto Is The Latest Goody Girl Claudia enjoys fashion and sports with the help of Goody.

Who else but lovely 13-year-old Claudia Barretto stands as the newest face for Goody Girls Collection, the younger line of Goody hair accessories? Claudia's not just a pretty face: The young stunner is also a sought-after football varsity player in her school. “I just truly enjoy the sport and what makes me love it more is that I get to share different emotions with a group of people who understand what it feels like to experience victory and loss. Football is discipline. It builds character and is definitely something that I think I'll continue pursuing when I enter high school.”

When asked why she agreed to be a Goody Girl, she happily responds, “I've always been a fan of Goody products ever since I could remember! It's always been essential for me especially when I play football and when I feel like exploring with fashion,” Claudia shares.  “As a teenager, I love experimenting with hair products. I always want something new and trendy and Goody truly helps me with that,” she adds.



When asked what fashion advice she could give to fellow teens like her, Claudia explains, “My advice to fellow teenagers is that to be totally fashionable, you should always have fun with your hair. You can sometimes go for a simple look and instantly make it look exciting.” The assortment of colorful and playful Goody hair ties, clips, and headbands allows young teens to experiment with their looks. Some of their hair ties can also act as a bracelets; it adds a colorful pop to one's arm party. Goody very well knows the definition of the phrase "style with function."

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Goody Hair Accessories are at department stores.

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