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Christian Louboutin Debuts Its Nail Polish

Introducing, #BeauteLouboutin!
Christian Louboutin Debuts Its Nail Polish Introducing, #BeauteLouboutin!

This is one special #ManiMonday indeed as finally, Christian Louboutin, has dabbled in beauty! Trying its hand with lacquers to jumpstart #BeauteLouboutin, the brand known for red-soled heels women can’t get enough of is finally bringing something new to the table. A range of luxury nail polish in 30 hues, all inspired by the labels' iconic shoes will hit the stores next month.

Meet the Rouge Louboutin

If your budget is not quite there yet when it comes to owning a piece of the coveted footwear, starting with these damn good looking lacquers is not so bad either. Rouge Louboutin is only the first of 30 shades to choose from, which are divided into three distinct groups: the rainbow colored team called The Pops, the soft tones with rose gold caps named, The Nudes, and the gunmetal-capped jewel tones, The Noirs.

But why start the beauty line with nail lacquers?  


Here’s a little trivia for you dear readers. The Louboutin’s famous red-sole actually came from a nail polish! Yup, in 1992, while drawing a prototype, Christian Louboutin spotted his assistant painting her nails red and decided to grab it and use it to fill in the sole of the shoe. It seems only fitting that their beauty line begins with what started it all, yeah?

Luxury in a Bottle

The ombre prismatic crystal bottle with a pointed cap was inspired by the highest ever pair of Louboutins, the Ballerina Ultima launched in 2007. Of course the packaging needs to stand out, too, right? If it looks this promising on the outside, we can't wait to try what's in it!


From killer shoes to killer polish—notice the pointed caps? These babies wil hit stores by the end of August and we just hope we get a piece of the pie in our tropical country, too! Pretty please?

All photos from Instagram @louboutinworld.