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10 Flattering Chest Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Want to commit to a statement tattoo? Here are some stylish designs to consider.
10 Flattering Chest Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked
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Want to commit to a statement tattoo? Here are some stylish designs to consider.

After saving countless of photo pegs on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ve finally decided to get a tattoo. Though a design on your arm or wrist is popular, there’s also something unique and interesting about a tatt on your torso. That said, you may want to consider a chest tattoo.

Celebrities like Rihanna and Harry Styles are known for their iconic torso ink and have encouraged quite a lot to do the same. Riri has undeniably made the underboob area a desirable place for a tatt that you can flaunt when you’re in a cropped top or bikini!

The beauty of a chest tattoo is that you can keep it totally hidden most of the time. So no matter how intricate or massive your preferred design is, you don’t need to worry about showing it off when unnecessary. This also give you room to play in terms of the size and number of tatts, because you do have A LOT of skin to cover as your canvas.


If you’re unsure of what design or motif to get, let us narrow down your search with this list of artwork and placement pegs you won’t regret.

10 Gorgeous Chest Tattoos You Should Consider

1. A bejeweled design

If you’re a fan of body chains or jewelry in general, why not have something permanent inked on your skin? The key is to opt for artwork that looks delicate and drawn in fine lines to give off a more feminine feel. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more luxe take on Riri’s underboob tatt.

2. A word or phrase

Got a manifesto? Having it done as tattoo placed near your heart can be quite meaningful. Be sure to pick a simple font or calligraphy style to keep it simple and fresh. You can either have this done above your chest or by your rib—depending on how discreet you want to be.

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3. A wreath of flowers

Though some people think that flowers are passé when it comes to tattoo designs, they’re actually pretty timeless depending on the design and the way they’re rendered. We love this light gray scale rendering that’s more realistic than cartoon-y. This way, the tatt looks good even when it’s faded.

4. Something astrological

Honor your zodiac or star sign with a creative underboob tattoo! You can opt for a constellation or a design with multiple planets or solar systems, depending on the narrative or meaning you’d like it to project. It’s best if you find an artist who loves and reads up on astrology, too!

5. A date or number

Got a set of numbers that mean something to you? Maybe you’d like to commemorate your birthday or wedding anniversary? Why not get it done on your chest? It’s a very intimate area to place a design with such a huge personal significance, so it’s best to have something done that means a lot to you, too!


6. Your favorite animal or insect

Love butterflies or snakes? These creatures actually look great as a chest tattoo! Though snakes can seem devilish, we’d like to think they’re simply badass when inked! Butterflies, too, are gorgeous whether rendered in full color or plain black.

7. A heart

Let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with a heart tattoo. Whether you decide on something tiny, colored, intricate, or simple, heart tatts are pretty to look at. It’s also quite cute to draw a heart just where your heart is!

8. A vine

When choosing a chest tattoo design, it’s ideal to pick a motif that can sort of play around your body’s silhouette. A vine with delicate leaves is a great artwork to have drawn creeping up your chest. If you’re looking for something interesting to show off when you wear a deep V-top or triangle bikini, this will definitely make a statement.


9. Something simple and abstract

Shapes or dots are actually interesting beauty marks to get done on your chest. You can also start with inconspicuous designs like these if you’re planning to add more tattoos as you go along your life journey.

10. A single stemmed flower

If you’re thinking of a design to get right in the middle of your chest, something simple is your best option. A single-stemmed ink of your favorite flower is a pretty accent to have on your décolletage.


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