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The Cheek Tint Hack You Need for a Natural, Long-Lasting Flush

It'll last longer, too!
The Cheek Tint Hack You Need for a Natural, Long-Lasting Flush
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/justineclaudia
It'll last longer, too!

How do we like our cheek tint? Undetectable. And we know you like yours that way, too! But to apply your tint like a pro, maybe you should try putting it on with something else other than your fingers.

London-based makeup artist Nikki Wolff opened our eyes to this, and it's a game-changer for sure. Her technique takes out all possibilities of patchiness and harsh lines! Best part is, it's just as quick and easy as the hands-only method. Watch her hack in action below:


First off, Nikki definitely seconds the idea that cheek tints and stains are perfect for a more natural flush. Difference is, she prefers blending them out with a brush to diffuse the color more seamlessly into the skin. "You’ve got to work fast with them but once they’re on, they last," she says in the post. So not only will your tint look like a real rosy cheek, buffing it into your skin will make it last longer, too! Genius.

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