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Bj Pascual's 5 Steps To Borta

Make this fashion photographer your boyfriend's new #fitspiration.
Bj Pascual's 5 Steps To Borta Make this fashion photographer your boyfriend's new #fitspiration.

(Campaign photos via Human)

Are you an abs kind of girl or do you prefer a guy with nice arms? Personally, I like the latter. It’s not like our office is in Boracay where skin is the uniform. You don’t even need to wear a sando (cringe!) to show off nice arms (and shoulders.) By simply wearing an obvious-batak shirt or a perfectly fit buttondown, a guy can discreetly show off the fruits of his hard workout sessions.

This is where our eyes turned to photographer BJ Pascual, whose new ad for Human BLACK caused us to do a double take. Who knew he had those arms?! I mean really, you almost can't tell from the layers of coats he's been wearing at New York Fashion Week. C'est chic! 

Style Bible chatted up BJ as he shared a few tips on working out while dancing to ‘80s music.


TIP #1

"Get a trainer if you’re starting out or you’re very lazy."

"I’ve tried enrolling at gyms many times before but I never lasted for more than a month. That’s when I realised that I really need a trainer to pressure me. [Laughs]"

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TIP #2:

"Enroll at a gym close to where you live or work."

"It just makes it so much easier and you have no excuse to not go. I go to a bakal gym close to my house. It’s not the best looking but it’s cheap and has everything I need. The best thing about it is I don’t really see people I know."


TIP #3:

"Find a body peg."

"Preferably someone around your height and/or body frame. I was afraid to work out before because short guys tend to look like they’re members of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if they work out too much! So when I saw James Reid, who is around my height, I told myself and all of my friends that I want my body to look like that. Having a peg also makes it easier for your trainer to understand what you want instead of just explaining it."


TIP #4:

"Eat right."

"Your exercise won’t be half as effective if you don’t complement it with the right food. My personal power food: a medium sized banana or a spoon of peanut butter before working out. Balance it with a proper diet with lots and lots of chicken breast."

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TIP #5:

"Make a playlist of songs that get you going."

"Mine usually ranges from '80s to new wave to disco punk and pop."

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