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10 Easy Ways to Heal and Prevent Chapped Lips

Dry puckers are a no-no!
10 Easy Ways to Heal and Prevent Chapped Lips
Dry puckers are a no-no!

We won't nag you about the importance of taking care of your lips anymore, because that much you probably already know. Instead, we're giving you a list of ways to keep them in tip top shape with minimal effort. 

1. Drink water.

This is by far the easiest and most important tip for preventing chapped lips since dehydration is usually what causes it. Up your water intake or carry a water bottle around with you so you won't forget.

2. Choose your lip balms wisely.

When it comes to lip care, the ingredients list don't have to be so complicated. Stick to non-chemical ingredients that won't irritate your lips if they're already chapped, or simply use something like coconut oil. And if your current lip balm is making your lips feel waxy instead of hydrated, it's time to switch.


IMAGE Human Heart Nature

Human heart Nature Flavored Lip Balm, P79.95, Department Stores

3. Always have a lip scrub on hand.

Exfoliation is key to smooth lips and a flawless lipstick application. To scrub off dead skin, either buy a pre-made lip scrub or DIY  it if you want to go natural!

4. Don't remove longwearing lipstick with tissue or a wet wipe.

Sure, your liquid lipstick might come off after a few tugs and swipes, but you must admit that it's not painless. Prevent causing cracks and wounds on your puckers by breaking down the lipstick with oil or micellar water, so all you have to do it gently massage.

5. Avoid licking your lips.

You might think you're giving your lips moisture, but doing this is achieving the exact opposite because our saliva is actually acidic. 

6. Use petroleum jelly on wounded lips.

Don't underestimate the power of a classic. Petroleum jelly will protect your lips from external irritants and will seal in the moisture that you worked so hard to achieve.

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IMAGE Vaseline

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, P99, Watsons

7. Don't skip SPF.

Like your skin, your lips can be sunburnt, too! Protect your lips using a balm or lippie with SPF, or dab some of your sunscreen on them for added protection.

8. Use thicker lip balms at night.

While you let your puckers rest overnight, make sure to pile on the hydration. Give your lips some moisture to absorb by using thicker lip balms or natural oils that will keep them healthy until morning.


9. When you're running out of lip scrub, use your toothbrush.

If you're at work or traveling and you don't have a lip scrub with you, simply brush off extra skin with a clean damp toothbrush and no one will be able to tell the difference!

10. Don't use lipstick if your lips are chapped or wounded.

Even a hydrating lipstick can make your dry lips worse, especially if they're not only chapped but also wounded. Look for a tinted lip balm with no drying and irritating ingredients to add color to your lips while allowing them to heal. You can indulge in your favorite lippie when they're better!

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