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Here's How Kristen Stewart Gets Ready for the Red Carpet

She also spilled her beauty philosophy.
Here's How Kristen Stewart Gets Ready for the Red Carpet
IMAGE Chanel
She also spilled her beauty philosophy.

Beauty isn't just about makeup and skin care. As with everything connected to the soul, we can create connections with other people–other women, through conversations about beauty, in ways that go beyond the realm of things that we can buy and put on our faces. And Chanel, as a crusader for beauty, proves this through their new web series called Chanel Beauty Talks, in which their global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica holds spontaneous conversations with some of the world's most extraordinary women.

For its third episode, Lucia talks to Kristen Stewart about the strength, power, and universality that the color red exudes as she does the actress' makeup. Kristen then opens up about her newfound excitement for walking on the red carpet and experimenting with her look, spilling details about her beauty philosophy. Eavesdrop on their conversation in the video below:

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