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Celebstagram: The Yummy Hair Candy Trend

Don't worry, ladies. These candies come carb-free!
Celebstagram: The Yummy Hair Candy Trend Don't worry, ladies. These candies come carb-free!

When a celebrity goes from jet black hair to something a tad bit lighter, it’s really nothing new. But when a drastic change happens like Katy Perry going green (literally!) and Demi Lovato bleaching her locks purple, we get all giddy and suddenly the regular 'do becomes too mainstream. So we did a little beauty review on these girls who have taken the plunge, and well, we couldn't help but ogle at these eye, er, hair candies that look almost too yummy to eat.

Scroll down and check out who these gutsy ladies are. And don’t worry, there are no carbs involved!


Rhian Ramos dyeing her hair from light brown to blonde and suddenly to lilac is definitely on our list of fearless celebrity makeovers. 

We spotted blogger Camie Juan looking pretty in pink. This time though, we’re not exactly referring to clothes.

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Still remember Bianca Gonzalez donning blue and purple streaks on her short bob? Well, this one’s still fresh in our memories, too.

Singer/host Joyce Pring is oh-so-cute in her Barbie pink hair. For a split second, we almost thought she’s a real doll. 


Yeng Constantino is totally pulling off the vibrant fuchsia on her hair like the rockstar that she is. 

Possibly the brightest we’ve seen, Arci Muñoz is sporting bold red lips and vibrant violet mane like a fairytale character who came straight off a story book. 


It celebrity stylist Liz Uy hops on the bandwagon. We have yet to see a #selfie, but from what we can tell based on her recent Instagram post, she’s definitely rocking the reddish pink ‘do.

Photos by @lizzzuy @iamsuperbianca @yengconstantino @ramonathornes @joycepring @camiejuan @whianwamos on Instagram

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