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7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Minimal Makeup

7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Minimal Makeup
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You only need five minutes to look good.

Truth be told, no-makeup looks are a challenge to perfect. It's one of the most difficult ones to do. There's just so much to consider—like making sure your foundation or brow pencil are barely noticeable. A simpler option? Do minimal makeup instead and look like your best self with less effort. Here are some practical makeup tips inspired by your favorite celebs:

1. Pia Wurtzbach

When you don't have time for complexion products (or prefer to skip them), focus on primping your brows and lashes. An eyebrow gel, for example, will add texture and volume to your brows so you can skip filling them in with a pencil. For fluffier lashes, use a mascara that can lengthen and separate them minus the clumps! These will immediately wake up your eyes even if you're running on little sleep.

2. Janine Gutierrez

No need to bother with eyeshadow if you have bronzer. With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, sculpt your crease with it to quickly add dimension to an almost-bare face, especially if you have tired eyes or hooded eyelids


3. Kathryn Bernardo

Having glowing skin makes any look appear more effortless, so be generous with the highlighter (make the top of your cheekbones a priority). For a more natural look, avoid using products that have too much glitter and use ones with a healthy and realistic sheen.

4. Bea Soriano-Dee

Makeup barely sticks to our skin when we're feeling under the weather (hello, dry patches), so heed Bea's advice and conceal the symptoms with an attention-grabbing red lip.

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5. Megan Young

Doing a cat eye with liquid liner can take a huge chunk of your prep time, so to save a few minutes and dial down the glam, smudge a pencil eyeliner across your lashline instead for similar definition. To create a wing, just extend the pigment outwards with your nail!


6. Sofia Andres

To skip eye and lip makeup, focus on perfecting your base—even out your skin tone, spot-conceal imperfections, and add some color with blush and bronzer. It sounds like a lot, but with some practice, you'll finish faster than the time you need to draw a cat eye.

7. Mariel Padilla

A cream blush does wonders when your skin is looking a little dull. It'll give your cheeks some color and an instant glow, and when you want to step it up, it's convenient enough to double as eyeshadow.

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