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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Pixie Cut, According to an Expert

Suitability is about personality according to the hairdresser that snipped Sarah Geronimo's locks.
What You Need to Know Before Getting a Pixie Cut, According to an Expert
IMAGE instagram/celestetuviera
Suitability is about personality according to the hairdresser that snipped Sarah Geronimo's locks.

Less is definitely more when it comes to high impact tresses. 2021 served us with an array of fresh hair-transformations, most notably of which is the stylish pixie cut. From Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo, to Joey King’s character in the Kissing Booth franchise, the bold ‘do effortlessly exudes spunk and sophistication. 

If this is something you have always wanted to try, but remain on the fence about, let top celebrity hairdresser, Celeste Tuviera, appease your apprehensions. 

With over 20 years of experience, the UK-trained, Vidal Sassoon Academy alumni is a favorite among celebrities. She counts leading ladies Maine Mendoza and Angel Locsin, among many others, as regular clients and good friends. In fact, she has since opened up some of the intimate discussions they share behind the salon chair on The Celeste Tuviera Channel on YouTube. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/celestetuviera

Aside from her tenure in the industry and star-studded clientele, what makes her the best person to ask is that this year alone, she styled and maintained cropped do’s for not one, not two, but three industry giants: broadcast journalist Ces Drilon, theatre actress Cris Villonco, and of course, Mrs. Guidicelli herself.

While there is no doubt that this is one stunning haircut, “Will it suit me?” is an altogether different question that plagues pixies-to-be. According to Celeste, however, it is actually your attitude that plays a huge part on how well you will rock your new mane.

“Doing a pixie cut is about being confident in your sensuality, sexuality, and strength as a woman. It should be an exciting and liberating experience—one that you can't wait to wear and show off,” Celeste shares to Preview.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/celestetuviera
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She then went on to underscore the confidence radiated by iconic women, such as Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Zendaya, and Zoë Kravitz, who all once owned the said hairstyle. “If you embrace the look and you love it, people will see that and would tell you how fabulous you actually look,” she adds. 

Below is Preview’s exclusive interview with top celebrity hairdresser Celeste Tuviera about the season’s boldest cut: the pixie. 

In your IG, you quoted Vogue Magazine by saying that the pixie is “one the most directional cuts for 2021”. Why do you think this is so? Can you also share more about the local demand? 

“Women, through the time of the pandemic, looked at beauty and self-care with more value and appreciation. Regular visits to the salon was quite routinary until the pandemic hit and salons were shuttered.

The pixie emerged through a renewed sense of self and a more adventurous, all-encouraging, brave spirit. Plus, it's carefree and absolutely chic.”


Based on your experience, what’s the number one concern of women thinking about getting a pixie cut? How do you address that?

"'Will it fit my facial shape?'  That's always the concern. But the good news is, in this day and age, there are no hard rules in getting the style you dream of. If want it, you can wear it. Suitability is about personality. Period.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/rjdelacruz

What’s your advice for women contemplating about chopping their locks and getting a pixie? How can different women make this cut work? Can you share tips on choosing the right pixie style for specific features?

“Embrace it, embrace it, embrace it. Be adventurous with you outfits, makeup and accessories. Play with it! It's your hair!

[It] never hurts to have photos. Collect pegs and show them to your favorite hairdresser and collaborate. Exchange ideas and listen to professional advise. Personally, I always wanna make sure the client and I have the same photo in our heads. Then we exchange ideas and I answer any questions or concerns. 

Always remember that a hairdresser can tell when you are good and ready for that big change or...NOT. The absolute worst thing is to go to a salon because you are in an emotional and vulnerable state and want to take it out on your hair. You will probably be in a worse condition than when you first stepped into the salon before that haircut."


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