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8 Filipina Celebrities Who Bravely Opened Up About Their Insecurities

"I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough."
8 Filipina Celebrities Who Bravely Opened Up About Their Insecurities
IMAGE Instagram/bernardokath, Instagram/andieigengirl
"I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough."

The pressure that comes with being in the limelight 24/7 inevitably makes celebrities cautious of how they look. What makes it even more challenging is that they can never escape from negative comments being thrown their way. While it can take some time to be fully confident, some stars have taught us that rising above our insecurities will always start from within. Ahead, we talk about eight celebrities who have embraced their insecurities and bravely spoke about them online. Keep reading to get inspired!

8 Filipino Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Body Insecurities

1. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo once revealed that she would get a lot of negative comments from people about being bow-legged. She said they call her “sakang” and it became such a big insecurity for the actress. A hashtag on twitter that read #SakangSiKathryn even trended back in 2020.

Luckily, Kathryn has already accepted this feature of hers by that time and has learned to brush off any comments about it. She shared in a vlog, "Alam niyo, over the years natutunan ko tanggapin ang legs ko. Yes it's not straight. It's kinda ganyan, 'parang parenthesis', yun ang sinasabi nila. E, wala e. Parte siya ng pagkatao ko."


In the same video, the actress also shared that her boyfriend and on-screen partner Daniel Padilla helped her overcome her insecurity. "I love my legs! Si DJ love din legs ko! Ngayon tanggap ko siya 100-percent!" Aww!

kathryn bernardo legs insecurity
PHOTO BY Instagram/bernardokath

2. Kris Bernal

We all see how confident Kris Bernal is in her own skin on social media, but sadly, that was not always the case for her. With her slim and small physique, the actress used to be insecure about her body especially when she receives comments accusing of her of having eating disorder and that she should "eat more."

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"Alam ninyo I am naturally thin, I'm naturally small, and may mga tao talagang nagba-bash sakin like sasabihin nila anorexic daw ako, too thin but in all honesty it's just my body type, it's my gene that I'm ectomorph," Kris said in a vlog. ICYDK, ectomorph is a body type that is resistant to weight and muscle gain.

Now, Kris often shares posts about loving her body. "Everytime I start to feel insecure about my body.. I remember that she does so much for me..She runs, she dances, she keeps me alive," she wrote back in February.

kris bernal body positivity
PHOTO BY Instagram/krisbernal

3. Andi Eigenmann

Before Andi became a beach momma, she was always seen in a full face of makeup and straight hair. Now, she unapologetically posts photos of her bare face online and proudly wears her naturally curly locks. That said, before coming to accept her true self, she admits to have been insecure of her freckles, scars, stretch marks, and more.

In 2018, she stated on Instagram, “My appearance hasn’t really changed, I’m very much aware of that. I admit to still having insecurities like everyone else. What changed is that I just got tired of hating my body. Now, I have come to accept myself for the way I am. Freckles, scars, stretch marks and all." You go, Andi!

andi eigenmann no makeup photo
PHOTO BY Instagram/andieigengirl

4. Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola was hailed by local men's magazine FHM as the country’s sexiest woman in 2016. However, this announcement unfortunately resulted in the actress developing depression because of the negative comments she received about her figure. For one, she was most often criticized because of her "big thighs" and was called names like "baboy" and "taba," which took a big toll on her self-esteem.

"I loved myself then...but when people started pointing out my flaws, I started hating myself, at times even thinking I was a bad person for having 'thunder thighs,'" she said in a post from 2018.

Fortunately, after some time, Jessy started to slowly accept her figure. "When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place. I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough. Shout out to every ‘pata girl’ out there, just keep going. Love yourself, love your body and it will love you back. TRUST ME."

jessy mendiola weight loss
PHOTO BY Instagram/senorita_jessy

5. Catriona Gray

Yes, even beauty queens like our very own Miss Universe 2018 had her insecurities. Before Catriona Gray joined the world of pageantry, she was very insecure of her height. According to her, she was already 5’8" at age 12. Not only was she the tallest in class, but she was also taller than her teachers. This made her feel embarrassed growing up, "I just felt kind of awkward. I didn't want to be seen. I just wanted to shrink into normalness," she said.


Once she was older, Catriona realized how "handy" her height was. "Of course, when you're a child, you don't really see that kind of thing…You never know that something that makes you unique might turn out to be your strength,” she continued.

catriona gray height
PHOTO BY Instagram/catriona_gray

6. Heart Evangelista

Like Cat, Heart was also insecure of her height. Standing at 5'2", Heart turned to fashion to make her feel more confident about her body.


She wrote in an Instagram story, "Through the years, I’ve discovered to play around with what I wear. I’m 5’2" and my waist is not that small or, in short, madami ako issues but it’s all about working around your body… At the end of the day, if we don’t achieve our body goals, charm always works! With my line of work I’m always surrounded by beautiful people but I survived! Being kind and pleasant is always the key!"

heart evangelista height
PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte

7. Bea Alonzo

Despite having a successful career, Bea Alonzo was not exempt from becoming insecure about her weight. In press launch for her movie Eerieshe revealed she has been tagged "fat" and body-shamed growing up, which affected how she perceived herself. "I often questioned myself about how I looked, about whether or not I was beautiful," the actress said.

This all changed in 2019 when Bea started to improve her mindset in life. Posting a rare bikini photo, she said, "I have always been the type who would choose not to post photos of myself in swimsuits but since I declared this year as the year for change I thought that maybe I should change the way I view myself...It's the only body that I am blessed with and I am thankful for my health because I get to do the things that make me happy."

With her post, she hoped to inspire other people who have the same insecurities as her. She continued, "I hope that this post could inspire other women to love themselves more, flaws and all. Let’s all work hard to better ourselves for us and not just so others could accept us."

bea alonzo bikini body positivity
PHOTO BY Instagram/beaalonzo

8. Moira dela Torre

In an Instagram post from 2017, Moira dela Torre opened up about her battle with psoriasis. "It started appearing on my limbs and back when I was in high school and appears annually," she wrote. According to the singer, she used to hide her spots using foundation or wear clothes that would cover it. But now, she has become brave enough not to let it determine her choice of clothing.


"When I saw myself in the mirror wearing this dress and seeing the psoriasis had resurfaced, I started to cry. All the pain and exhaustion from all the hiding and efforts of trying to cure it just came out of nowhere. And just when I was about to change, I found myself heading for the door instead.

"I showed up at work in a dress, for the first time, fully conscious of the marks on my legs and decided that I'm not gonna hide anymore. I'm no longer gonna let this condition place me in a level of shame and weakness but of strength," Moira said.

moira dela torre psoriasis
PHOTO BY Instagram/moiradelatorre

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