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7 Daughters Reveal the Best Beauty Tip They Got from Their Celebrity Moms

Heed their tried and true beauty advice, too!
7 Daughters Reveal the Best Beauty Tip They Got from Their Celebrity Moms
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/avadiazdaza, Instagram/chekakramer
Heed their tried and true beauty advice, too!

When it comes to beauty, mothers are always the first to influence us. From seeing them get ready in the morning and take off their makeup at night, there are many things that we've picked up and carry to this day. That said, we asked seven daughters to share the best beauty tip they've gotten from their celebrity mothers. Their answers will make you understand how these mother-daughter duos stay ever so radiant! Keep scrolling!

READ: 7 Daughters Share Their Favorite Beauty Tip From Their Celebrity Mothers

1. Kendra Kramer

"I think my favorite beauty tip is to always wash your face every time to make sure you'll always have clean and clear skin. It always works for me! It's [a] very simple, easy, and effective way to take care of your skin."

PHOTO BY Instagram/@chekakramer

2. Ava Daza

"My favorite beauty tip from my mom is sunblock sunblock sunblock. As young as I can remember, my mom would always make us wear sunblock even if we’re indoors.

Another beauty tip she always reminds us of is don’t borrow money because that will only cause stress and sleepless nights and you end up looking tired and stressed." 

PHOTO BY Instagram/@avadiazdaza
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3. Venice Bektas

"My favourite beauty tip from my mom is that the base for makeup is more important than the makeup itself. I view my skin as a canvas, and prepping before I put on makeup is the key to a pretty makeup look. She told me to take care of my skin, never sleep with makeup on and always moisturize! I thank her so much for these tips till this day!"

PHOTO BY Instagram/@iloveruffag

4. Kaila Estrada

"My favorite beauty tip from my mom would probably be the one she told my older sister. She said that getting a good amount of sleep is super important, and I agree! It affects our skin, our metabolism, our organ functions! So I try my best to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night!"

PHOTO BY Instagram/@super_janice

5. Sam Cruz

"Use SPF everyday, under your makeup and all over your skin. This helps with aging and keeping the skin[tone] even. That’s my mom’s everyday reminder."

PHOTO BY Instagram/@samcruzm

6. Ella Pangilinan

"One of the best beauty tips I received from my mom is to value my sleep and set the conditions for a good night’s rest because it impacts how you look and feel the next day… and through time! She’s taught me everything from finding the right mattress, to encouraging me to set my bedtime between 10pm-2am as that’s when humans get the highest melatonin production and recovery. True enough, I feel most beautiful when I’m not stressed and tired!" 

PHOTO BY Instagram/@ellapangilinanx

7. Karylle

"Invest in skin care. I never understood the value of this, but I’m glad I listened. She used to travel with a maleta of skin care products and even if I only have a fraction of that, she made taking care of yourself feel natural and not a chore. I also love getting massages like her because that’s also a big beauty [tip] I love"

PHOTO BY Instagram/@zsazsapadilla

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